Kisogawa Easy River-Rafting in Minokamo Gifu Prefecture


Float down the river on an entry-level rafting experience in Minokamo, Gifu Prefecture. Everyone can enjoy the tranquil nature of Kisogawa, and the BBQ and recreation areas on the riverbanks.


  • Delight in river rafting that even beginners can enjoy with peace of mind
  • Cruise down the river, play in the boat, and splash in from riverside rocks
  • Enjoy views of the beautiful valley on a two-hour river ride
  • Relax and play at River Port Park — bringing a little luxury to the great outdoors

Key Information


Visit Minokamo in Gifu Prefecture, for a quiet nature retreat in the heart of Japan. Easy access from Nagoya and Gifu City, on the route north toward Takayama, makes Minokamo a great stopping point on your exploration of the Tokai region. This river rafting experience is set in the beauty of River Port Park Minokamo, a popular spot for local families but little-known to international travelers. Join us for fun on the water in this secret spot! You'll float down the Kisogawa, a river also known as the "Japan Rhine" due to its resemblance to its German counterpart. Be sure to enjoy the other attractions of River Port Park before or after the rafting as well. You can picnic on the spacious lawn, relax in the river-side deck area or the hammocks of the forest area, and enjoy an international-style barbeque with everything provided at the BBQ area. Feel free to bring your own food and drinks to the park, or get takeout from the cafe. A visitor center is open 09:00–17:00, closed Tuesdays. It has a New York style pizzeria and cafe, deck space, coin lockers, and a service counter providing tourist information on Minokamo.