Cultured Pearl Farming from Oysters in Uwajima


Observe and learn about traditional Japanese pearl farming and culturing in beautiful Uwajima. Head to a raft to pick your own oyster from the Uwakai Sea. Retrieve a pearl from the shellfish and create a personalized accessory to take home.


  • Take home a unique souvenir at the end of the experience
  • Experience the local culture in Japan’s National Parks, through this unique experience!
  • Observe how oysters are harvested in a working pearl farm
  • Learn to recognize the finest Japanese cultured pearls
  • Choose an oyster and retrieve a pearl to make a beautiful accessory

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Important Information

• An English-speaking guide is available • Guests aged 0–3 can observe but may not participate • Please book 2 days before your intended tour date Please understand that in booking this activity, we may share your booking information (but without individually identifiable data) to the Ministry of the Environment, with which this activity is affiliated. By making a booking, you signify that you agree to these terms.


Find out how to farm pearls on this guided tour. You'll learn all about pearl farming, and culturing: the process of implanting a small item in an oyster's shell to be transformed into a pearl. The oyster secretes thousands of layers of nacre over a period of several months, creating a glistening white pearl. Witness this process, from the point where a shell fragment is inserted into an oyster, through to the point it is harvested. Learn the secrets of selecting high-quality Japanese cultured pearls from a knowledgeable instructor at Ehime’s oldest pearl farm. After learning about the process, head out to sea on a raft and retrieve your own oyster. Remove the pearl from the oyster shell yourself, and then create a personalized accessory using the pearl. This cultured farming technique was invented in Japan in 1893 and is a highly precise and delicate operation that has been perfected for more than a hundred years. Japanese cultured pearls are coveted all over the world and the pearl farms of Uwajima produce the highest number of pearls in Japan. The tour is a great opportunity to see how pearls displayed in the windows of many top jewelers are made. You also get to take home a beautiful and quintessentially Japanese souvenir!

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