Premium Kimono Rental in Kyoto: Furisode, Montsuki Hakama, and More


Whether it's for a gala, wedding, tea party, or ceremony, book with us to rent gorgeous formal kimonos like furisode for young ladies, houmongi for women, montsuki hakama for men, and children's kimonos for Shichi-Go-San (Seven-Five-Three) shrine visits.


  • Rent a gorgeous formal kimono for a day — furisode, houmongi, montsuki hakama, and more
  • For the ladies, over 100 furisode kimonos of different sizes are available
  • A professional hair styling service is also available as an add-on
  • Easy access to Gion, Kiyomizu Temple, and Kyoto Station
  • Baggage service included — leave your belongings with us (except for your valuables) so you can travel around Kyoto comfortably

Key Information

Important Information

• For efficiency and your convenience, please wear clothes that can be taken off and worn back easily • During winter, we recommend wearing tights and inner wear with a low-cut neckline underneath your kimono to prevent you from feeling cold • Our kimono dressing packages do not include hair styling; please book the add-on if necessary • We do not provide hair accessories for rent; however, we have many hair accessories for sale • For those booking the hair styling add-on, in order for us to style your hair properly, please do not use any hair products before your appointment. If your hair is wet, damp, or already styled, we will not be able to properly style your hair, especially for hairstyles with curls • Please return the entire kimono set to our shop by 17:30 on the same day. You may also return it by 17:00 the next day for an extra 1,100 JPY per person. (Please make sure to come back to our shop; we cannot pick up your kimono at your hotel.) Upon arrival on your appointment date, pease let us know whether you plan to return your kimono on the same day or the next


We are a Kyoto-based shop for renting gorgeous formal kimonos like furisode (long-sleeved kimono) for young ladies, houmongi for women, montsuki hakama (kimono with a family crest, plus traditional Japanese trouser-like garments) for men, and children's kimonos for Shichi-Go-San (Seven-Five-Three) shrine visits. These kimonos are worn for occasions like galas, weddings, tea parties, ceremonies, and graduations. Furisode is the traditional formal attire with gorgeous patterns and long sleeves for unmarried young ladies. We have three ranks of furisode, classified according to materials and patterns. This plan lets you choose your favorite furisode, obi, and decorative items when you come to the store. A fake fur shawl is also available to go with your look. Gentlemen can put on the traditional formal attire called montsuki hakama, a hakama suit with family crest. Montsuki kimono are a formal type of men's kimono, so they're sure to add a touch of class to every occasion. Our dressing service takes about 30 minutes. First, check in at our reception counter, and fill out some basic information. You'll then be given a rental bag and guided to our selection of kimonos, so you can start choosing. Once you're done taking your pick, it's time to get dressed. For women who would like to have their hair done, a hairdressing service is also available as an add-on, which will require an additional 15-20 minutes. While you can also add this service on the day of your appointment, we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate walk-ins. This is a popular service, so booking the hair styling add-on in advance is highly recommended. Once you're all dressed up, just leave your baggage with us, take your valuables, and you're good to go! In total, including the time to leave your baggage with us, the entire process from entering our store until departure is about 1–1.5 hours. Not sure where to go? Our information counter will be happy to provide some travel tips! And if you're short on yen, we also have a currency exchange service. Enjoy exploring Kyoto at your own pace as you take in the ambiance of traditional Japan! Take your time relaxing and having a cup of tea at a local cafe or tearoom. Or, find a quiet temple or shrine. Just remember to come back by 17:30 to return your kimono. If you want to wear your kimono until nighttime, you can also return it the following day, with an extra extension charge.

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