Make Your Own Hunting or Kitchen Knife at a Top Knife Maker


Visit the Knife Museum in Seki City, Gifu, and the factory of one of the country's leading knife makers, G. Sakai. Then make your own Damascus hunting or kitchen knife and write your name on it!


  • See the unique Knife Museum in Seki City, Japan's center of cutlery manufacturing
  • Visit the modern factory of leading Japanese knife manufacturer G. Sakai
  • Learn how top-quality knives are made and observe the manufacturing process
  • Make your own Damascus hunting or kitchen knife from assembly to polishing
  • Write your name or a pattern of your choice on the surface of the knife


Seki City in Gifu Prefecture developed as a major center for sword making as early as the 13th century thanks to rich deposits of iron sand in the local Nagaragawa River. During the Edo period, there were several hundred blacksmiths producing a large number of samurai swords and knives. Today, Seki is considered one of the world's three best places for cutlery manufacturing, together with Sheffield, UK, and Solingen, Germany. G. Sakai is a leading Japanese knife producer with trade partners all over the world. The variety of their products and their high-quality knives have been acknowledged by many customers around the globe, in fact they exhibited at the Milan trade fair 'Salone del Mobile.Milano' in 2017—the global benchmark event for the furnishing and design sector. G. Sakai's knives are now used in various professional fields, such as cookery, hunting, outdoor sports, and even military training. In this activity, you will visit the Knife Museum, situated in an attractive Canadian-style log house just next to G. Sakai's factory. There you will see interesting rare items and cutlery exhibits from all over the world. Next, you will enter the factory and see how top-level Japanese knives are made nowadays. Finally, you will construct your own knife in the atelier by assembling, polishing, sharpening and writing your name on it! Please choose between the following two options: 1) Make a Damascus Hunting Knife "Kimun Kamuy II" (whose shape resembles a bear fang and can be used even for bear hunting) 2) Make a Damascus Kitchen Knife for practical use