Kimono Experience in Ancient Dogo Onsen in Ehime


Experience the elegance of kimonos or yukatas in Ehime’s capital, Matsuyama. Set in the charming area of the 3,000-year-old Dogo Onsen, enjoy a ride in a rickshaw while dressed in your kimono, before a photoshoot at different points along the way.


  • Choose from various kimono or yukata designs to wear during the experience
  • Ride a Japanese rickshaw through the quaint streets of Dogo Onsen while dressed in a kimono
  • Capture memories of the day during the photoshoot at scenic points
  • Easily fit this kimono experience in during your visit to Ehime’s famous capital, Matsuyama!

Key Information

Important Information

- Whatever time you leave the store for the kimono experience, please return before the store’s closing time at 5:30 pm - If you store your luggage at the store, the host can arrange to drop them off to your accommodation near Dogo Onsen - During rainy weather, the experience will proceed as normal since the rickshaw has a protective roof. In the case of bad weather conditions, the experience may be canceled - Please bring your own camera for the photoshoot


One of the most quintessential things to experience in Japan is the elegant tradition of dressing in a kimono, or the lighter yukata. While now usually worn only on special occasions, the beautiful outfit has a long history in the country, and the best way to experience it would be within an equally traditional atmosphere. Visit the ancient Dogo Onsen in Ehime’s capital, Matsuyama, for an idyllic backdrop for your kimono experience! With a history of 3,000 years, few hot springs in Japan are as famous as Dogo Onsen. There are two popular legends about the onsen: one telling the tale of an injured egret bird being healed by the hot spring’s waters, while the other is about a minor god who cured his illness by soaking in its waters. But the history, legends, and healing properties of Dogo Onsen are not its only attractions. The atmosphere of its streets are quaint and charming, and a simple stroll through them will feel like a journey back in time. For the kimono dressing experience, first visit the dressing store “Boappu” and choose from a selection of beautiful kimonos that are worn from October to May, or the lighter yukatas that are worn from June to September. For a picture-perfect look, try out the hair and makeup makeover that will complement the elegance of your traditional outfit. When you are fully dressed up and matched with accessories, board a classic rickshaw that will take you through Dogo Onsen’s stunning streets. Enjoy seeing the area’s different sights and then stop by scenic points for a photoshoot in your outfit. The photos make great souvenirs to take home and to keep as memories of your trip. Finally, stroll through the streets of Dogo Onsen and past its many period features, before returning to Boappu store and changing back into your clothes. This experience is perfect for those visiting Ehime’s capital, Matsuyama, for the famous Matsuyama Castle or a visit to eight of the eighty-eight temples in the Shikoku Pilgrimage. Book now for a memorable kimono experience!

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