Cycling Tour with Shrine Visit and Sushi Class in Minamiboso


In this special tour, you'll enjoy a scenic cycling experience in Minamiboso in Chiba near Tokyo! Enjoy making sushi alongside a certified sushi expert and pay a visit to the historic Takabe Shrine, home to the god of cooking.


  • Explore the breathtaking scenery of Minamiboso by bike
  • Enjoy an authentic sushi-making class using fresh seafood
  • Visit Takabe Shrine, the only place in Japan dedicated to the god of cooking

Key Information

Important Information

- Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes - The sushi restaurant might change depending on availability - A guide will accompany you on the tour - Please note that the guide and sushi expert will communicate with you using Poketalk (a portable electronic translator)


Take a trip to Minamiboso City in Chiba near Tokyo where you'll be welcomed by vast mountains and radiant ocean views. Relax in this quaint city and explore the area by bike. In this cycling tour, start your journey at Chikura Tourism Center right outside JR Chikura Station. Hop on your bike and explore the city, admiring scenic views before making your way to Ginrinso Kotobuki. Here, experience an authentic sushi-making class taught by a sushi expert. Using fresh seafood from the nearby port, you'll make your own delicious sushi and have them for lunch! After a satisfying lunch, head tot Takabe Shrine, the only place in Japan dedicated to the Shinto god of cooking and where people from all walks of life including sake brewers, fishermen and chefs come to pay their respects. If you're lucky, you might just get to see a kitchen knife ceremony (hocho-shiki) held twice a year. It is a rare Imperial Court tradition practiced since the Heian period where a fish is masterfully prepared using a kitchen knife and long chopsticks without the hands ever touching the fish. Book this cycling tour now and have triple the fun at Minamiboso!

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