Mt. Tomi Hike with Special Cup Noodle Lunch in Minamiboso

Mt. Tomi Hike with Special Cup Noodle Lunch in Minamiboso

Mt. Tomi Hike with Special Cup Noodle Lunch in Minamiboso


Head into the nature of Minamiboso in Chiba near Tokyo, and hike up a nationally-famous mountain with a local guide. Climb Mt. Tomi, the peak featured in the Japanese epic novel Nanso Satomi Hakkenden, and share a lunch of local specialty ramen.


  • Meet a local guide and experience the hospitality of rural Japan
  • Snack at the summit on local specialty cup ramen only available in Chiba
  • Enjoy panoramic views of Tokyo Bay during your hike—and Mt. Fuji if it’s clear

Key Information


Get out of the city and experience local Japan life, on a guided hike up Mt. Tomi in Chiba, just outside Tokyo. Chiba Prefecture lies directly east of Tokyo, and includes in its bounds the entire Boso Peninsula, reaching south from Chiba City to form the eastern boundary of Tokyo Bay—miles of beaches and mountainous interior facing the metropolis, inviting city-dwellers to come out and experience some nature. On this hike in Minamiboso near the tip of the peninsula, you will be guided by a local Chiba-ite up Mt. Tomi, a peak famous in Japan for being featured in Nanso Satomi Hakkenden, a 17th century Japanese epic novel. First, you’ll meet your guide at Road Station Furari Tomiyama, a starting spot chosen for its selection of local specialty cup noodles! Here you’ll pick up some only-in-Chiba cup noodles such as the spicy Katsuura Tantanmen, or umami Takeoka Ramen. From there you’ll begin the hike to the peak of Mt. Tomi, enjoying while you climb the panoramic views of Tokyo Bay, and communicating with your guide using a cutting-edge PokeTalk translation device! On reaching the peak, you'll take a well-earned rest and enjoy the special cup noodle from your vantage point, before returning down the slopes, satisfied with a day well spent.