Tezutsu Hanabi Firework-Making & VR in Toyohashi, Aichi


Make your own inert 'tezutsu hanabi' — hand-held fireworks — and enjoy a VR experience in Toyohashi Park. Hear stories from a local man who launches tezutsu hanabi, finishing with Japanese tea and sweets, for a wonderful experience of Toyohashi.


  • Learn all about Toyohashi’s traditional hand-held fireworks: tezutsu hanabi
  • Make your own inert tezutsu hanabi — hand-held fireworks made from a bamboo tube and rice-straw rope
  • Dive into the culture and history of tezutsu hanabi, originating in Toyohashi City
  • Hear stories of firing these powerful fountain fireworks from a tezutsu hanabi veteran
  • See a tezutsu hanabi display in virtual reality (VR) — available all year round come rain or shine!

Key Information

Important Information

• This activity is held in Japanese; please choose the option with a guide if you need English translation • Please make sure you’ll be able to take your tezutsu hanabi back home; it will be a 10-by-30-centimeter cylinder, made from a bamboo tube and rice-straw rope • This activity requires at least two participants for us to accept your booking


Available every day at 10:30. Schedule: 10:30 — Meet at Sannomaru Hall, a tranquil Japanese building overlooking the landscape garden in Toyohashi Park. Leave your luggage and walk to Yoshida-jo Castle in the same park. At the castle, you will learn about the history of tezutsu hanabi and Toyohashi City. 11:00 — Return to Sannomaru Hall, to learn more about tezutsu hanabi from an 'agete' — a man with direct experience of firing them by hand. Watch a virtual reality (VR) video of a tezutsu hanabi fireworks display. 11:30 — Make your own tezutsu hanabi from a bamboo tube and rice-straw rope. Your firework will be inert, with no gunpowder, so you can safely take it back to your home! Afterward, enjoy Japanese tea and sweets. 12:00 — Experience ends at Sannomaru Hall.

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