Forest Therapy Tour & Rotenburo Bath — Minamiboso near Tokyo


Discover the therapeutic forests of Minamiboso in Chiba! Venture through lush greenery and majestic coastlines with a guide. Learn about the local ecosystem, take in sweeping views, and indulge in a 'rotenburo' outdoor bath in a luxurious hotel!


  • Wind down in an outdoor bath at Hotel & Resorts Minamiboso
  • Join a knowledgeable local guide for a tour of Minamiboso’s rich nature
  • Discover evergreen forests, sweeping coasts, and glistening bays
  • On a clear day, marvel at views of Mt Fuji from across Tokyo Bay!

Key Information

Important Information

- Meals are not provided during the tour - Transport by bus is free of charge


Traveling from Tokyo to Chiba, you’ll find yourself arriving at another of Japan’s sprawling urban cities. But less than 2 hours away from there, right at the edge of the sea and inland Chiba prefecture, is the nature-rich city of Minamiboso. From verdant forests to sweeping hills, carpets of velvet flowers, trickling waterfalls, and majestic coastlines, Minamiboso is starkly different from its prefecture’s city. Explore this nationally-renowned natural beauty on a tour with a local guide! During a leisurely walk, your guide will take you across Taibusa cape — a raised peninsula that stretches about 2 km into Tokyo Bay. Along the way, you will learn about the diverse ecosystem that inhabits the lush hills of Taibusa cape, while immersing yourself in the evergreen forests that shroud the trail’s paths. It is quite beyond words to describe the feeling of being so in tune with nature, but a feeling of pure bliss will sink in as you feel and breathe in the nature around you. In many ways, it is a sort of therapy. As you emerge from the soothing forests, the cape’s eroded landscape will come into view. Carved by the movement of the sea’s currents and the power of its waves, the shapes in the towering rocks are quite remarkable. Stand at the edge of the cape and soak in glorious views of the glistening waters and peninsulas of Tateyama Bay and Tomiura Bay, and if the weather is fine, take in views of Mt Fuji too. During your healing and insightful walk, you can also take a break and relax on a hammock among trees. However, the ultimate relaxation takes place at the end of your tour. Take a bus to the luxurious Hotel & Resorts Minamiboso and soak in their steaming-hot outdoor bath. This combination of a therapeutic nature walk, an educational insight into its ecosystem, and a rejuvenating soak in a spacious bath makes for a truly enjoyable and memorable experience of Minamiboso. Book now for an alternative, nature-filled experience of Chiba!

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