Japanese style home drinking party "Takunomi"


Takunomi is Japanese style at home drinking party. Enjoy the drinking company in a small room in Japan!


  • Enjoy the meeting locals in Japan.
  • Japanese sake and beer.
  • Japanese snacks!
  • Canned [tinned] food

Key Information


Takunomi is a style of home parties popular between Japanese young people nowadays. The main reason for its popularity is that it is inexpensive and comfortable. How about joining a drinking meeting at my house? I like a cooking. I can prepare the following: * Onigiri. * Yakitori. * Yakisoba. * Japanese style salad It isn't a lot, but the appetizers are delicious. I will have prepared Japan's famous beer and sake in my house. Important details about the tour: * Time is limited from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. * The number of people is up to 4 people. * You can't stay overnight. * Please be sure to return to your hotel in time. * Food and a drinks are included in the price. * If you'd like to eat and drink much, you have to book the option charge. * If the alcohol is all consumed, extra charge may apply to buy more.

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