Experience Tokyo's Best Cherry Blossoms with a Pro Guide


Each year, sakura, Japan's celebrated cherry blossoms, announce the arrival of spring, a time of renewal. This tour introduces Tokyo's best parks and gardens where you can truly experience these cherished symbols of happiness and the joys of life.


  • Experience the best cherry blossoms in central Tokyo
  • Visit Tokyo's most popular hanami cherry blossom viewing spots
  • Stroll through the vast Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden with its many sakura varieties
  • Enjoy the impressive cherry blossom-lined banks of the Chidorigafuchi moat
  • Visit the historic Yasukuni Shrine decorated with cherry blossoms

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Important Information

Sakura blooming time varies depending on the weather - if weather changes cause your tour to miss the full bloom, your guide will adjust the plan accordingly to cover the best local highlights. Any refund or cancellation follows the normal policy for this tour.


In spring, one of the greatest pleasures in Tokyo can be a leisurely day in the city's parks or gardens surrounded by cherry blossoms. Tokyo boasts several varieties of sakura, each with unique petal shape and color. Each year, locals and visitors alike gather, day or night, in spots around the city to enjoy picnicking below the lovely pink blossoms with colleagues, friends, and family in celebration of life. This half-day tour will take you to some of the best parks and gardens in Tokyo for hanami, or blossom viewing. First, you will visit the vast Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. This park features several unique spaces, including a Japanese garden, as well as English and French gardens. Next, you will visit the tremendously popular Chidorigafuchi moat northwest of Tokyo's Imperial Palace. Here, the soft pink cherry blossoms contrast beautifully against the waters of the moat and the greenery covered slopes. Finally, you will visit the historic Yasukuni Shrine which is famous for its many cherry blossom trees, and in the spring, the cherry blossoms highlight the shrine as well as a small nearby park.

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