Experience Pretty sweets (Nerikiri) making in Nagoya


Enjoy making pretty traditional cake made of white bean jam which is artistically colored or shaped. Experience this near downtown Nagoya.


  • Easy access from downtown Nagoya.
  • Learn making traditional sweets
  • There are many temples near the house
  • You can try 4types of sweets and Matcha
  • Visit a family-size house

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In this activity you can practice making traditional sweets as a form of Japanese culinary art! Meet at the ticket gate of Kami-Otai Station around 10 am on Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday and Friday. We'll walk to the host Fumie's house together. The schedule is as follows: 10:00 - 12:00: making nerikiri 12:00 - 12:30: eating time 12:30: Send you off to the station. There are many kinds of sweets. You can try 4kinds sweets and Matcha. Fumie is a close friend of mine who is interested in cross cultural exchange. She speaks fluent English.

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