Guided Tour of Ozawa Shuzo (Sake Brewery)




  • Visiting Sake factory and enjoy tasting.
  • Explore country side of Tokyo. The view of mountain, bamboo woods, old fashioned houses can be impressive.
  • Having snacks at the riverside outdoor seats or taking lunch at a restaurant is nice.
  • Walking on a suspension bridge and walking around is also fun.
  • There is a very old and small temple without monks.

Key Information


This is private tour for you, not group tour. In this activity, I will take you to a sake factory called "Ozawa Shuzo". At the factory, you'll learn how sake is manufactured on a step-by-step level before tasting the just-made sake. If you would like to taste more, buying some more outside tasting area with relax along a Tama river is available. (additional fees) <Schedule of Tour> Meet at JR Shinjuku or Tachikawa station, move to Ozawa Shuzo by train (1 hour). ↓ Tour Ozawa Shuzo and enjoy sake tasting (1 hour). ↓ Take a rest near the riverside or enjoy more sake tasting (additional pay required) or have a little snack and walk around the town (1 hour). ↓ Depart Ozawa Shuzo and transport to Tachikawa station by train (1 hour). As an additional option, you can add "lunch" to your tour. Take you to a very nice tofu restaurant where you can enjoy tofu skin, tofu, salmon, etc. You can do sake tasting of 4 different sakes as well. Price range is around 1300 JPY per person. You have to pay lunch for a guide. Generally Monday is closed.

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