Guam Dolphin Watching Tour (w/ Banana Boat & Snorkeling on Afternoon Tour)


Go dolphin watching on a large, comfortable catamaran! Take in the scenery of Guam from the boat, and look closely at the surface of the deep blue waters. You might see the silhouettes of dolphins — or, if you're lucky, you might even see dolphins leaping from the water!


  • No minimum age for participation — small children are welcome
  • Sail on a large, comfortable catamaran boat that doesn't rock much — don't worry too much about motion sickness
  • Recommended for dolphin lovers — look out for the acrobatic spinner dolphins!
  • Book the afternoon tour for snorkeling and banana boat riding after dolphin watching

Key Information


From Apra Harbor, cruise for about 40 minutes on a large catamaran to look for dolphins. Depending on how lucky you are, you might just see their silhouettes on the water's surface, or you might see a pod of spinner dolphins leaping! The spinner dolphin is small and slender, and is known to spin, flip, twist, and jump when it's in a good mood — that's how it got its name. Sometimes, these friendly creatures will even swim along the edge of the boat. Have fun looking out for sightings of these dolphins! For those who booked the afternoon tour, enjoy a banana boat and snorkeling after dolphin watching! You'll snorkel during the best time of day for doing so, at a site with lots of tropical fish.