Kendo/Samurai Experience in Okinawa


Learn and practice kendo in Okinawa with a professional instructor of the modern Japanese martial art! Learn not just the physical aspects of kendo, but also its history and etiquette, as well as its spiritual and cultural aspects.


  • Holistic kendo experience in Okinawa
  • Enjoy a Japanese samurai lunch
  • A kendo towel and a bottle of water will be given to every participant
  • Experience wearing full kendo armor and equipment
  • Learn from an experienced instructor of kendo

Key Information


Learn kendo in Okinawa under an instructor who speaks English in an easy-to-understand way! You will get a holistic kendo experience that is perfect for a first visit to Japan, learning anything from the basic etiquette skills of kendo to using armor. Your experience will begin with basic lectures on aspects of kendo such as etiquette and changing into a kendo uniform. An experienced instructor will provide guidance and instruction in an easy-to-understand manner. You will learn not only about the competitive aspects such as how to strike and how a kendo match works, but also about the history of kendo and its manner as a martial art. After the activity, you will take a commemorative photo with everyone, and receive a Japanese kendo towel to take home. After this experience, you can visit a recommended izakaya (restaurant) in Japan. Try its special samurai menu (cost of your meal payable on-site) to experience what it's like to be a samurai!