Hida-Osaka Springs & Waterfalls Private E-bike Tour in Gifu


Take a private cycling tour by e-bike around Gifu Prefecture’s Hida-Osaka, the town with the most waterfalls in Japan! Near Gero Onsen, this town boasts over 200 waterfalls, crystal-clear rivers, and health-giving highly carbonated spring waters!


  • Tour Hida-Osaka and soak up negative ions from a beautiful waterfall
  • Breeze along rivers and up hillsides with ease on an electric bike
  • Visit beautiful Gandate Park, the symbol of Hida-Osaka that’s marked by its volcanic heritage
  • Drink naturally carbonated spring water from onsen drinking fountains
  • Take lunch at "Osaka na River Base" near the crystal-clear Obora River, for unique local specialties like fresh river fish

Key Information

Important Information

• COVID-19 prevention measures are in place, such as social distancing, disinfection of equipment and facilities, hand sanitizing, and mask-wearing by guides when speaking • You can leave any luggage at the visitor center during the tour - Participants must be aged 13–65, at least 150cm tall, and able to ride a bicycle - If we have to cancel the tour due to weather or other conditions, we will inform you by 17:00 the day before to refund or reschedule


On this private guided tour of Hida-Osaka, you’ll cruise through the natural highlights of the town on an electronic bike (e-bike) with ease. Led by an English- and Portuguese-speaking guide, you’ll visit a beautiful waterfall, crystal-clear river, and treasured natural springs. With the most waterfalls (over 200) in a single area in all of Japan, Hida-Osaka is known as the town of waterfalls. This experience is available from April to November, every day except Wednesdays. Tours last for about five hours and follow this rough itinerary: 10:00 — Meet your multilingual guide at the Hida-Osaka Visitor Center, where you’ll complete the tour registration and have an e-bike lesson to prepare you for the tour. 11:00 — Set out from the visitor center, and stop off at a temple and other spots on your ride to the carbonated drinking fountains and waterfall. You'll cycle first to Shitajima Onsen, and later Yuya Onsen, which both have highly carbonated natural spring waters — a true rarity in Japan. You'll sample the hot spring waters from the public drinking fountains at each onsen, available for free to all visitors, any time. Our first onsen stop is the fountain at Himeshaga-no-yu in Shitajima Onsen, and taste the naturally carbonated water. It may not be to everyone’s taste, but it’s certainly a unique experience! 11:30 — Explore Gandate Park and soak up the negative ions from the spray of its waterfall. Gaze in wonder at the colossal cliff of hardened lava formed by an ancient eruption of Mt. Ontake. 12:45 — Visit Yuya Onsen, another Onsen spot where you can sample the naturally carbonated spring water of Hida-Osaka. 13:00 — Stop for lunch at the "Osaka na River Base" near the crystal-clear Obora River. Here, you can enjoy local delicacies using fish fresh from the rivers, and tofu cooked in the naturally carbonated spring water. 15:00 — Arrive back at the Hida-Osaka Visitor Center, where you’ll have a quick tour of the shop and its local offerings. Then, the tour concludes leaving you free to shop or continue your adventure elsewhere.

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