One-of-a-Kind Bonsai Farm Tour and Workshop in Takamatsu


Visit the world's largest bonsai farm and a bonsai nursery, on a guided tour led by a fourth-generation master. With an English-speaking guide, you'll also join a bonsai pruning workshop and gain a much deeper appreciation of the art.


  • Learn the story of Takamatsu bonsai as only Mr. Kitadani can tell it
  • See 'baby' 100-year-old bonsai still being nurtured
  • Meet Kitadani Ryuichi, fourth-generation ‘bonsai-shi’ of the Kitadani Yoseien nursery
  • Explore a vast field of miniature pines at the largest bonsai farm in the world
  • Have a hands-on experience with a master, including pruning, shaping, and replanting

Key Information

Important Information

• You can buy bonsai at the farm, but be aware that most countries don’t allow you to take live pine home with you Activity rules - Participants must be aged 11 or above, but younger children may watch


Join this tour for a one-of-a-kind experience in Japan’s bonsai capital of Takamatsu. Kitadani Ryuchi will be your host at the Kitadani Yoseien nursery, and will show you around the largest bonsai farm in the world. Experience the sights and stories of Takamatsu bonsai that you can’t experience anywhere else Takamatsu is Japan’s number-one producer of pine bonsai, and the Kitadani family has been honing the art of its cultivation here for four generations. On this tour you’ll learn about their methods, hear their stories, and see their work, culminating in a hands-on workshop of pruning and shaping bonsai that you cannot experience anywhere else. You’ll gather at Kitadani Yoseien, the venue for your bonsai activity and lecture, and also visit the nearby bonsai farm. Here you can see over 7,000 bonsai, in an impressive display laid out before the backdrop of the mountains. Here they grow bonsai that are over 100 years old, considered to be noble ones in the bonsai world. You’ll learn directly from a master how they raise them meticulously to become living works of art, with the hope of one day being recognized as a National Treasure. In the workshop held at Kitadani Yoseien, you will get hands-on experience of pruning and shaping the small trees, with the guidance of a ‘bonsai-shi’ (bonsai professional) in English. Visit Kitadani Yoseien for a priceless bonsai experience you’ll never forget

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