Nabana no Sato & Begonia Garden Tickets—with Optional Onsen


Explore the charming, illuminated world of Nabana no Sato, which holds the largest illumination events in Japan! Admire lovely seasonal flowers during the day, and marvel at the illuminated displays at night. You can also get access to the onsen!


  • Admire beautiful seasonal flowers in bloom
  • Explore a glowing wonderland and see dazzling light displays at night
  • Walk through a magical tunnel, lit up by a million light bulbs
  • See breathtaking fields of thousands of various flowers
  • Refresh yourself in an onsen, perfect for relaxing after walking around

Key Information

Important Information

• If you wish to visit other attractions not covered by this ticket, please pay at the venue • Wheelchairs are available for rent at Begonia Garden, with limited availability • Free WiFi is available on-site - Tickets are valid until May 6, 2020 - The inclusive 1,000 JPY-worth voucher can be used at restaurants and facilities on-site - Food and drinks, and pets, are not allowed in Begonia Garden - Photos or videos of the ‘No Entry’ zone are not allowed


Walk into the enchanting, kaleidoscopic world of Nabana no Sato, one of Japan’s largest flower theme parks which also holds the largest display of lights in the country — you get to see both with this ticket! During the day, Nabana no Sato’s beautiful gardens are perfect for appreciating nature. Many botanical attractions can be found in the park, including ponds, trees, and seasonal flowers! See lovely tulips in spring, and pretty cosmos in autumn. Come night, you’ll be amazed by a completely different scene, as Nabana no Sato finds its shining moment — dramatically transforming from a sunlit sanctuary to an LED-lit oasis! Catch the main illumination event, which lasts from winter to spring. Step into Nabana no Sato’s warmly-lit wonderland, right in the midst of the chilly and blooming seasons! The park amazingly brings little lights up to scale, using millions of colored LED light bulbs to create massive illumination displays. Each year, the theme changes, but the constant highlight is the 200-meter-long lit tunnel filled with about a million flower-shaped, golden light bulbs. There’s also a 100-meter-long tunnel illuminated in icy lavender, blue, and green. Strolling through this vibrant tunnel, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into a movie, or a life-sized artwork — not to mention, the iridescent glow of the lights is great for picture-perfect memories. Don’t forget to snap Instagram-worthy photos to light up your feed! You’ll also have access to Begonia Garden, which boasts about 12,000 varieties of flowers, including a breathtaking array of begonia flowers. Gaze at these colorful flowers, some of which are potted or hanging — some even on the ceiling! Besides flowers to admire, Begonia Garden also has some nice photo spots, where you can take memorable photos. If you’re worn out from walking around, the area also offers an onsen. With its hot, therapeutic waters, you’ll immediately feel revived and refreshed after dipping in the hot spring! Popular among couples and families alike, a visit to Nabana no Sato is the perfect quality hangout spot for you — book your tickets now!

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