Tokugawa Art Museum After-Hours Tour & Dinner in Nagoya


Make it a night to remember: have the Tokugawa Art Museum all to your group after hours! Take a guided tour, try 'monko' (a blend of incense-smelling and mindful reflection), and have dinner at a French restaurant in a garden next to the museum.


  • Have the Tokugawa Art Museum to yourselves as you enjoy an after-hours museum tour and cultural experience
  • Experience ‘monko,’ the practice of mindfully smelling fragrant incense
  • Feast on an exquisite dinner at a nearby French restaurant with a view

Key Information

Important Information

• We cannot accommodate any allergies • The monko experience traditionally requires sitting in the ‘seiza’ (kneeling with legs tucked underneath) style. For those who cannot sit seiza-style, ‘za-isu’ floor chairs will be provided • During dinner, depending on where you are seated, you might not be able to see the Tokugawaen garden as you dine • COVID-19 prevention measures will be in place, such as ensuring that guests observe social distancing and enhanced disinfection procedures - Participants must be aged 13 or older - Please do not wear perfume, as it will interfere with the monko incense experience - The dress code is smart casual, but please bring socks for the monko incense experience - Please wear a mask. Also, you will have your temperature checked before the activity begins


Looking for a unique night activity? Book this package to get after-hours access to the Tokugawa Art Museum! You'll have the museum all to yourselves for the night and try a unique cultural experience called 'monko.' Then, you'll move to Tokugawaen, a garden right next to the museum, where you'll have dinner at its French restaurant, Garden Restaurant Tokugawaen. At the Tokugawa Art Museum, you'll find the treasures of the Owari Tokugawa family, one of the branches of the influential Tokugawa clan of feudal lords and shoguns. The Owari Tokugawa branch once ruled the domain including Nagoya, with Nagoya Castle as their base. The Tokugawa Art Museum houses this clan's collection of paintings, ceramics, and even swords that are now National Treasures. In principle, this activity is available all year round, except from mid-December to early January. It lasts for about 3 ½ hours, and roughly follows this schedule: 17:25 — Meet at the Tokugawa Art Museum. 17:30 — See the permanent exhibitions at the Gallery of Masterpieces Collection, the museum's main exhibition room, as a curator explains the works on display. Explanations will be in Japanese; please book Option 2 for an English-speaking guide. 18:20 — Experience 'monko,' literally "listening to incense." This activity involves mindfully taking in the fragrance of incense. 18:55 — Walk to Garden Restaurant Tokugawaen. 19:00 — Enjoy dinner. 20:55 — Activity ends at Garden Restaurant Tokugawaen

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