Visit the Beautiful Olive Island Shodoshima by Ferry
Visit the Beautiful Olive Island Shodoshima by Ferry

Visit the Beautiful Olive Island Shodoshima by Ferry

Visit the Beautiful Olive Island Shodoshima by Ferry
Visit the Beautiful Olive Island Shodoshima by Ferry


Shodoshima is an island floating in the Seto Inland Sea with many superb viewing spots, unique cultures, traditions and a nostalgic atmosphere. Why not join the one-day island tour from Okayama by ferry and experience the true beauty of nature!


  • Take the round trip ferry from Okayama
  • Feel the fresh breeze of the Seto Inland Sea
  • See unique spots in Shodoshima that cannot be seen anywhere else
  • Take unique photos like "floating on air"

Key Information

Important Information

- You can take the bus between Okayama Station and Shin Okayama Port for free. Show the e-ticket to the bus driver. - A refund cannot be made if you miss the tour, so please be punctual. - A Japanese tour guide accompanies you in Shodoshima. - Full refund will be made in the case of tour cancellation due to heavy weather conditions, etc.


Shodoshima, literally meaning "Island of Small Beans," is the second largest island in the Seto Inland Sea, and can only be accessed by ferry. The island is known for manufacturing shoyu soy sauce and olives, so it is also called "Olive Island." The popular spots include Shodoshima Olive Park, Kankakei Gorge, Choshikei Monkey Park, and much more. The island has unique cultures and stunning views of the nature of the Seto Inland Sea, so many tourists have visited there. We offer a special one-day tour. Take a ferry from Okayama Prefecture and visit the unique island floating on the beautiful Seto Inland Sea. [Itinerary] No.1 Bus Stop of East Gate of JR Okayama Station (7:23) to Shin Okayama Port (8:05) 08:10 Check-in to Shin Okayama Port 08:30 Depart at Shin Okayama Port 09:40 Arrive at Tonosho Port in Shodoshima 09:45 View from bus - Tonosho Port Tourist Information - Choshikei Monkey Park 500 wild monkeys welcome and greet you. - Kankakei Gorge A breathtaking ravine at the center of Shodoshima. * Have lunch here (Lunch fee not included) - Shodoshima Pilgrimage A little-known 88-temple pilgrimage route. - Twenty Four Eyes Movie Studio An outdoor set for the filming of "Nijushi no Hitomi" (Twenty-Four Eyes) based on the novel by Tsuboi Sakae. - Shodoshima Olive Park A working olive grove where the first olives were successfully cultivated. See a replica of a Greek windmill as well (Pass through Ginpaura) 15:25 Arrive at Tonosho Port 15:30 Board the new ship "OLYMPIA DREAM SETO" that started operating on May 1, 2019 16:40 Arrive at Shin Okayama Port Shin Okayama Port (16:50) -> Cartoon decorative bus (Direct Line) -> JR Okayama Station (17:25)

How it works

1. Confirmation email will be sent to your email address after the booking is made. 2. Go to the counter of Shin Okayama Port at 8:00 and present the QR code of the e-ticket.