Nankai Electric Railway Limited Express Rapi:t Ticket


Save time and board the limited express Rapi:t train from Kansai Airport to Namba!


  • Travel with ease from Kansai Airport Station to Namba Station with the limited express Rapi:t train
  • Choose from either a round-trip or one-way ticket
  • Alight at any of the following stations: Tengachaya, Shin-imamiya, Namba

Key Information

Important Information

- The ticket is for regular seats only - The ticket is only for foreign visitors with a “Temporary Visitor” visa status - Before collecting a physical railway ticket, you must exchange your QR code to a voucher at the JTR counter in KIX - The date you select at booking is the start of the validity period. You can use the pass at any date of your choice within 60 days after booking - For the voucher validity, please check the physical copy - The physical railway ticket can only be used on the day it was received - In case of severe weather such as typhoons, your ticket can be refunded - If you have collected the voucher but haven’t exchanged it to physical railway ticket yet, please head to the Nankai Line service counter for a refund - In case the railway is closed because of the bad weather conditions or other reasons, for a refund, head to the KIX 1F JTR counter or OCAT Counter at JR Namba Osaka (within 7 days from the day suspended) - If you have received your physical railway ticket, you can only receive a refund if the train lines are suspended because of the severe weather. In such case, refunds can be made at the Nankai Line service counter (within 7 days from the day suspended) - Please note that the refunded amount is decided by Nankai Electric Railway


Make the most out of your time and money in Osaka with the limited express Rapi:t train ticket! For those arriving at Kansai International Airport (KIX), save time and hassle with the limited express Rapi:t train from the airport straight to Namba Station. In about 34 minutes and with only five stops, the Rapi:t train is the best way to reach the heart of Osaka City cheaply. The train’s spacious seats must be reserved beforehand, making it less crowded than other train services from the airport.

How it works

- Use received QR code to redeem your train ticket at the ticket service counter of KIX/Tengachaya/Shin-imamiya/Namba Station - For roundtrip tickets, please redeem your departure ticket at KIX and your return ticket at Tengachaya/Shin-imamiya/Namba Station using the same QR code

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