Diving with Ama Female Divers in Ise-Shima


Immerse yourself in the unique culture of the ama female divers in Ise-Shima! Don't miss the chance to swim with them and observe their timeless tradition. Afterward, join the ladies and hear fascinating stories from the divers themselves in an ama hut.


  • Listen to stories passed down from generations of ama divers
  • Visit a hut modeled after an ama rest house, where you'll learn more about ama culture
  • A memorable experience, and a valuable opportunity to familiarize yourself with the ama lifestyle
  • Experience the 3,000-year-old ama diving tradition for yourself

Key Information

Important Information

• Participants must be aged 13 or older • We require a minimum of 2 guests for us to accept your booking • Please note that the itinerary (the activities, duration, and more) is subject to change depending on weather and conditions at sea • All guests must be physically and mentally healthy to participate. Guests will be asked to sign a liability waiver • We can store your luggage at our office, but we will not be liable in the event of loss • If this tour is cancelled due to the weather or other conditions, you will be fully refunded • For non-Japanese-speaking guests, we cannot guarantee that an English-speaking interpreter may be able to accompany you; please contact us in advance • If you do not wish to go diving, there is a non-diving option available but the itinerary remains the same • Guests are not required to have diving experience but should know how to swim • Diving equipment is available for rent but we cannot guarantee that your size will be available* • We can call a taxi service from the nearest bus stop or port to the meeting place. Taxi fee is paid separately and not included in the activity price* *If you need these additional services, please select them from the add-on options About the venue **Bus:** 50 minutes from Ugata Station bus stop 2 to Wagu Station (bound for Gozaminato) Schedule: via Daiakuji (6:51 am), via Kaikoen Maruoka (6:20 am, 7:15 am, 8:47 am) Back to Ugata Station (bound for Ise-shi Station) Schedule: via Daiakuji (2:10 pm, 4:30 pm), via Kaikoen Maruoka (1:15 pm, 3:40 pm) **Ferry:** 20 minutes from Kashikojima Station to Kashikojima Espana Cruise (bound for Wagu) Schedule: 7:10 am, 8:10 am Back to Ugata Station (bound for Kashikojima) Schedule: 1:05 pm, 3:15 pm **Taxi:** - 30 minutes from Ugata Station to Wagu Fishing Port - 5 minutes from Wagu Station to Wagu Fishing Port, only advisable if you are carrying luggage **Car:** 70 minutes via Ise-Nishi IC Please note that transportation schedule is subject to change without prior notice • Please understand that in booking this activity, we may share your booking information (but without individually identifiable data) to the Ministry of the Environment, with which this activity is affiliated. By making a booking, you signify that you agree to these terms


Dive into the timeless culture and ancient tradition of the ama female divers in Mie Prefecture's Ise-Shima area! The ama (sea women) are free-diving fisherwomen who collect seafood by plunging into the sea without the help of any equipment. In this guided tour, you'll get the chance to observe how these real-life mermaids keep their tradition alive. See up close how ama divers collect shellfish, seaweed, and other seafood through traditional free diving, and learn about ama diving in the process. Hear stories from a 3,000-year-old tradition that has been passed down from generations, straight from the ama divers themselves. Despite most of them being in their later years, ama divers are determined to keep the dwindling practice alive — most continue to live and lead lifestyles close to the ocean. Listening to these stories, you'll be impressed by how these strong-willed women have contributed to the coastal culture of Ise-Shima. Then, immerse yourself further into the ama diving lifestyle by joining the charming local women in a small hut, a recreated ama rest house. While relaxing here, you can also enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Ise-Shima filled with naturally-formed inlets and islands. Book now for a day well spent in the company of ama divers — a memorable cultural experience!

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