Nature Walk and Lunch at Farmer’s Restaurant in Ehime


Experience the joys of rural life in Ehime’s Toon City! Join a local guide, indulge in a lunch cooked with freshly harvested vegetables, and visit a doburoku factory. Feel yourself unwind as you stroll through the peaceful nature of Toon’s Alps.


  • Stroll through and relax in the serene setting of rice terraces and mountains
  • Visit a doburoku factory that produces an unfiltered, regional sake
  • Savor a traditional Japanese lunch made from freshly harvested vegetables
  • Shop for local vegetables and fruits at Asatsuyu Marche

Key Information

Important Information

• Please note that the guide only speaks basic English • Minimum 2 people are required for this activity • The lunch menu cannot be catered for those with food allergies • There is no free tasting at Doburoku Factory. Purchases on site are available in cash only • Guests can buy doburoku from the factory for 1,500 JPY (tax included) • Guests must be aged 20+ to purchase alcohol


In the middle of the Ehime’s countryside on the island of Shikoku, lies the charming Toon City. Set amidst mountains and layered rice fields, the greenery of the city stretches as far as the eye can see. The rural lifestyle is simple, slow-paced, and peaceful. Join a local guide to experience the treasures of Toon City! Your guide was born and raised in Toon but left to Osaka for work. After two decades away from his hometown, he recognized the natural treasures of his city and returned to it as a guide to share its beauty with visitors. Before exploring Toon’s nature, you will first visit a unique farmer’s restaurant. Depending on the time of year, the guide will take you to either “Botan-Chaya” or "Yukikko" restaurant. Botan-Chaya's traditional Japanese interior is decorated with period features such as an ‘irori’ room (an iron cooking pot over a fire pit), Noh theatre masks, and more. Yukikko is a simple farmer's house that serves wholesome, home-made food to guests. The lunch served at the restaurants is prepared with fresh vegetables — some of which are harvested from the owner’s own field — cooked into a delicious traditional Japanese meal. For those curious about a unique sake, doburoku is a drink that is mainly produced in this region. Unlike traditional Japanese sake, the drink is unfiltered, giving it a thick texture of rice grains. The flavor’s strong and sweet accents make it a delicious drink that many enjoy. Before you leave the restaurant, the owner will show you to Doburoku Factory, where doburoku is made. Learn about the fermentation process of the sake and how the drink is still made in the traditional way. While a drink is not included with this tour, doburoku is available for purchase on-site for 1,500 JPY (tax included). After the factory, enjoy a stroll around the nature of Toon City as your guide explains to you the region’s geography, climate, and broader environmental issues. The fertile soil beneath the rice terraces has given the city a reputation for abundant harvests. Visit a local market, Asatsuyu Marche, and buy local seasonal fruits and vegetables that are known to be cheap, delicious, and beautiful. Book now and experience the rural lifestyle of Toon City in Ehime!

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