Explore local Hiroshima on a bicycle tour!


Hello, we are Sokoiko! team. We provide joyful cycling tour around Hiroshima with local staff who lead you to places not mentioned on the guide books!


  • Staff will support your for directions and language issues.
  • We use rental electric bicycle basically. Feel the city breeze and atmosphere and explore more than the usual sightseeing spots!
  • Our original route includes places recommended by Hiroshima people, Hiroshima unique scenery and things that local people only know!
  • Hiroshima has a lot of peace-related sites. We introduce Hiroshima's history in our route.
  • How about cooking okonomiyaki before eating? Sokoiko has optional programs which let you experience Hiroshima's life!

Key Information

Important Information

You need to be above 145 cm high to participate. Please refrain from participating if you are pregnant or have health problems. Guests who have consumed alcohol cannot participate.


Sokoiko cycling is based on recommendations of local staffs. From various routes, the staff and guests choose or make arrangements based on the guests' requests! Starting time is 10 am. The cycling will last 3-4 hours. *It depends on the other reservations, but time schedule is flexible. At the meeting please, introduce ourselves to know each other and be friends. Then choose the route and let's go! The electric bicycle is the casual type, so it's easy to ride and equipment is not required. * You can borrow helmets for fee if you need. Pass through the riverside which is a feature of Hiroshima, and drop by local shops. Please let me know what you are interested in. Then our staff can suggest good shops and places to go. We can go around historic buildings, local neighbourhoods, peace monuments and so on. We can also prepare calligraphy experience, Okonomiyaki cooking experience and more (see the add-on options). If you would like to have lunch, we will introduce some restaurants. (regardless if it's during the cycling or afterwards) Communication with friendly local staffs is also a great opportunity. Feel free to ask questions anytime and the staff will translate from Japanese and English and vice versa when you want to talk with Hiroshima's people. Do you want to experience what you can't by usual sightseeing ? Sokoiko can do it! :)

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