Blue Cave Okinawa Snorkeling and Kayaking 2-in-1 Fun Tour


Have an Okinawa snorkeling and kayaking adventure in just 2 hours, on this fun combination tour to the Blue Cave — Okinawa’s favorite mysterious grotto! Marvel at the glowing blue waters as you splash out with a friendly local guide.


  • Enjoy Okinawa snorkeling in the magical Blue Cave
  • Explore mysteries of this famed enchanting grotto
  • Cruise your kayak across crystal-clear waters with the wind in your hair
  • Take in panoramic views of cliffs, coastline, and captivating nature
  • Discover various colorful tropical fish and sea creatures

Key Information

Important Information

• We kindly ask for a minimum of 2 participants to join the tour (If you are a solo traveler please ask before making a reservation). • When kayaking, you will roll your wetsuit down to your waist as it is difficult to move otherwise. Ensure you have proper sun protection for your upper body. • There is an optional photo service for 2500 JPY per group. • Your guide will take photos during the tour and the photo data can be sent to your smartphone, or put on a CD to take home. • These items are available for rent: straw hat: 200 JPY, rash guard: 300 JPY • Please note that depending upon the weather and condition of the sea, your guide might decide to change the course of the tour or the location of the snorkeling spot for your safety.


Come join us, on this two-in-one Blue Cave Okinawa snorkeling and kayaking tour! This short adventure with a local guide includes both of the best ways to experience the glowing blue ocean waters of this mysterious grotto, its tunnels, cracks, and crevices. Snorkeling in Okinawa, Japan, is a great beginner-friendly to see the world beneath the waves. Kayaking, meanwhile, lets you easily glide across the surface for a more commanding viewpoint. Here is the itinerary: • Register for the tour at our hand-crafted marine shop. • Get into a kayak and head out for the Blue Cave. Enjoy a panoramic view of cliffs, coastlines, and subtropical nature as you leisurely paddle your kayak. • When you reach the cave, anchor your kayak and take a little tea break on the shore. • Once you are ready, do a little snorkeling practice in the waters by the shore. • Enjoy snorkeling, swim with tropical fish, and explore the mysterious and magical Blue Cave with sunlight glittering back up from the bottom. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

How it works

• The tour departs at 08:30, 10:30, 13:30, and 15:00 every day. Please select your preferred departure time when you make your booking. • The pick-up service from your hotel is on request. Note that pick-up is only within Onna Village, and is not available during peak season.

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