Sunset Sea Kayak Cruise in Yomitan, Okinawa


Okinawa's sunsets are an incredible sight, all the more so when you're out at sea in a kayak! On this sunset kayak cruise, your guide will take stunning photos as you ply the waves, preserving precious memories of your time in Okinawa.


  • Watch the sunset while paddling over the ocean in a kayak
  • Enjoy the quiet wonder of Okinawa's sea in the evening
  • Take home digital photos of the experience captured by your guide

Key Information


Get a better look at Okinawa's enchanting sunset by setting out to sea on a kayaking tour! Sea kayaking relies on rhythm and skills more than strength, so this ocean kayak cruise is equally suited to children and adults. Plus it's easy to learn! Before going out to sea, we practice the basics of paddling and handling the kayak in calmer waters, making sure you're ready before we head for the setting sun at a leisurely pace. When the time is right we'll stow our paddles, and enjoy watching the sky burst into color gradations as the sun goes down!

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