Kayaking in Okinawa — Water Sports Experience in Bise


Explore the beautiful waters of Bise at your own pace on this Okinawa kayaking experience!


  • Enjoy the coral reefs of Bise from above the water
  • Cruise the waters at your own pace on a kayak
  • Even beginners can join!

Key Information


Join us and explore the crystal-clear waters of Bise in this Okinawa SUP experience. The waters around Bise are truly gorgeous, and surrounded by coral reefs. With calm waves, tropical fish, and many other fascinating creatures, it’s a truly special corner of Japan. Kayaking is a popular way to explore the sea from above the waves. On a kayak, you'll be able to get up close to the waters and peer into its colorful, coral-filled depths. With our attentive instructors always on hand, even beginners can fully enjoy the experience as they explore the sea around Bise. Enjoy the crystal-clear waters of Bise with your friends and family!

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