Gate of Thunder (Kaminarimon-Gate)  of Asakusa Sendouji temple.

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Gate of Thunder (Kaminarimon-Gate)  of Asakusa Sendouji temple.


This tour itinerary is arraged according to your request. Join this customizable private tour and explore Tokyo in half-day with no hassles!


  • To Odaiba, we take a new type of transportation “Yurikamome” which is operated by 100% computer. On clear days, we can see Mt. Fuji through the window. We walk and drop in several interesting facilities.
  • If you’d like to eat delicious Sushi in Tokyo, Tsukiji Outer market is one of the best places. Many attractive shops, delicious sushi restaurants still do business here. Ginza is featuring many long-established high-ends boutiques, restaurants, department stores. But casual shops appeared at the Ginza central street recently.
  • In Shinjuku, we vidsit Kabukicho area, the interesting redlight district.
  • Just in front of Shibuya station, we cross the famous Shibuya Scramble Intersection and watch the statue of Hachi, a faithful dog. Omotesando is known as an upscale shopping area, sometimes referred to as “Camps-Elysee in Tokyo” Kiddy Land and Oriental Bazaar are nice places to buy toys and good quality of Japanese souvenirs. Takeshita Street, miscellaneous character and unique fashionable goods especially popular among teens are line up in the stores.
  • Asakusa area has been developed with Sensouji temple. The statue of Kannon, a goddess of mercy, is said to be enshrined in this temple. You can experience unique Buddhist customs here, to write your wish on the votive tablet, to get a piece of paper telling your fortune, to wash your hands to purify yourselves, pray in the main hall by formal way. It’s also a fun to try many delicious Japanese food and sweets.

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* Hotel pick up fee is included in a tour price. (Only the twenty-three wards of Tokyo, need additional fee in other areas.) * The meeting point is at hotel lobby. * Please provide your hotel name, branch name and address.


If you'd like to visit your favorite place, or have no idea where to go, or don't have enough time to wander around Tokyo in a limited time, we suggest you to join this customizable private half-day tour in Tokyo! Our well-experienced tour organizer will arrange the itinerary for you. During the tour, a guide provide you detailed information how to use the public transportation, how to buy IC card etc. So that you'll be able to go sightseeing in Tokyo by yourselves after the tour. Please inform us where you'd like to visit, what you'd like to see and the desired length of the tour. We have listed some sample areas below for your reference. (visit two~ areas in four hours) 1. Shinjuku Area: - Omoide Yokocho - Kabukicho 2. Asakusa Area: - Kaminarimon - Nakamise shopping street - Sensoji Temple 3. Odaiba Area: - the Statue of liverty - the giant robot "Gundam" - Venus Fort - Toyota show room - Mori Digital Art Museum (a guide takes you to the museum) 4. Shibuya and Harajuku Area: -Shibuya Scrumble Intersecction - Meiji shrine - Takeshita street - Latte art cafe - Omotesado street (Kiddy land etc.) 5. Tsukiji Outer Market and Ginza Area: -Tsukiji Outer Market -Kabuki theater -Ginza area (Mitsukoshi department Store, Mikimoto Pearl, UNIQLO, Toy Park) In addition to these places, there are a lot of interesting places to visit in Tokyo. Tokyo tower, Tokyo Sky Tree, Gardens, Museums etc. etc. Please feel free to contact us.

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