Private class/Create Udon & Soup from scratch


Learn to make chewy udon noodles and a rich flavored Osaka-style Japanese soup stock from scratch. Udon making is done by two people so that you can help each other. This is a private class so that you can spend time with your partner or your group only. You can enjoy two styles of udon such as hot udon and chilled one.


  • Enjoy a delicious, hearty lunch that you made yourself
  • You can learn delicious chewy udon and authentic Japanese broth from scratch.
  • We prepare high-quality ingredients made in Japan for cooking.
  • As a bonus, make 'Tsukudani' (preserved food simmered in soy sauce and mirin) out of the remaining ingredients for dashi as well
  • Udon making is a fun activity like a small exercise.

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Important Information

• COVID-19 prevention measures are in place, such as regular temperature checks for staff, mask-wearing requirements, hourly air changes for proper ventilation, installation of carbon dioxide sensors, disinfection and sanitation of equipment and surfaces, and more • This is not a private cooking class; other guests may join you on your experience date. However, if your group consists of 8 people, this will become a private cooking class by default - A minimum of 2 participants is required for us to accept your booking - Please wear a face mask; you may take it off while eating - Please cooperate with our COVID-19 prevention measures. We will check your temperature before the experience starts. Additionally, we may ask you to use COCOA (the Japanese government's COVID-19 tracing app) and Osaka's COVID-19 tracing system


At a homey cafe in a calm residential area in Osaka, learn to make authentic Sanuki udon and Osaka-style 'dashi' soup stock! This cooking class is friendly for everyone such as kids, elder people, families, and LGBT. This class is great for couples, families, and groups of friends. The distinctive chewy noodles used to make Sanuki udon originated from Kagawa Prefecture (which was called 'Sanuki' in ancient times) in southern Japan. For this experience, we'll use a Kagawa-made brand of flour called 'Sanuki no Yume,' which is specifically used for making udon, so you can enjoy the real thing. All other ingredients for this cooking class have also been carefully selected; rest assured that your hearty, delicious lunch will be made with high-quality local products. On this cooking class, you'll make the chewy udon noodles in pairs, stepping on the dough with your feet. Additionally, you'll make rich flavored Osaka-style 'dashi' soup stock (which will be used to make udon broth) out of kelp and mixed dried fishes or kelp and shiitake mushrooms (for vegan). The leftover of mixed dried fish flakes or shiitake mushrooms will be reused to make 'tsukudani' (preserved food simmered in soy sauce and mirin), which is commonly used as a rice topping or like a condiment that adds flavor. Finally, enjoy the dishes you made! You can enjoy two kind of styles of udon such as hot udon and chilled one. This isn't only a fun activity for tourists — guests have also booked this experience for birthdays. Book now for a fun afternoon of cooking, good food, and great company! You can enjoy the below dishes - Chewy udon noodles (hot one and chilled one) - Tsukudani (a kind of side dish using the leftover of mixed dried fishes) - Homemade Japanese pickles - Seasonaly fruits for desart - Organic Japanese tea

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