Harvest sugarcane and make Okinawa soba during a home visit


Join the sugarcane harvesting work for a day in a typical Okinawa farmhouse. For lunch we'll eat grandma's pride - homemade Okinawa soba! This great 1-day activity will let you taste the rural life of an Okinawan family.


  • Experience the challenges of sugarcane harvesting for one day
  • Try homemade Okinawa soba that's the proud of the family's grandma
  • Eat lunch together with us
  • Learn some Okinawa dialect words

Key Information

Important Information

Held even on rainy days. A different farm work will be offered.


Please come to the following place directly by a rental car or taxi: Nago city office Haniji branch office (10:00 am) First, I will take you to the sugarcane field. You will try the challenge of harvesting and experiencing the daily work of the local farmers. Help your host by cutting as much as you can! Then we'll go my farmhouse where we'll eat Okinawa soba for lunch together! We'll let you know the recipe so that you can do it yourself next time. After lunch we'll go back to the sugarcane field and continue harvesting. Your skills will be greatly improved and you'll enjoy the work! Just about when you're already completely used to the harvesting it's time to end the experience (around 15:00). Have unforgettable moments in a rural farmhouse with locals in Okinawa, Japan! This experience is offered between January 20 and February 28.

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