Sanrio Puroland Special Advance E-Tickets


Step into its whimsical world of Sanrio Puroland and indulge in the cuteness of Hello Kitty and friends! Instead of paying full price for Puroland, book a flexible 1-Day Passport for just 2,000 JPY, valid until Jul 31, 2023!


  • Get admission to Sanrio Puroland at a special price: just 2,000 JPY for admission, even during peak season
  • Enjoy attractions and shows featuring Hello Kitty and other beloved Sanrio characters, and delight in the irresistibly cute meals and sweets
  • Meet and greet your favorite Sanrio characters at the Character Greeting Residence, Sanrio Puroland's newest attraction since 2016
  • Flexible tickets — book now and use any day within the validity period of your tickets
  • E-tickets — no printing required; just present your QR code, and go straight in!

Key Information


Book Sanrio Puroland tickets now to step into the magical world of Hello Kitty and friends! SPECIAL SEASONAL EVENT: PUROLAND HALLOWEEN (Sept. 9–Nov. 1, 2022) Trick or treat! To celebrate Halloween, Sanrio Puroland's beloved characters will split into two teams: the Trick Team — which will surprise guests — and the Treat Team, which will hand sweets to guests. Regardless of team, each character will treat everyone with Sanrio-style hospitality! In addition, look forward to other "Trick or Treat"–themed entertainment: an illumination show, a Halloween performance at the Fairyland Theater, and even a Vampire Butler Cafe for older fans (ages 13+) seeking Gothic horror instead of scary–kawaii! ABOUT SANRIO PUROLAND Sometimes nicknamed “Hello Kitty Land,” Sanrio Puroland is an indoor theme park where you’ll find not only Hello Kitty, but also other popular Sanrio characters like My Melody, Cinnamoroll, and Little Twin Stars. Entering Sanrio Puroland is like stepping into a world of kawaii (cuteness). Enjoy the whimsical attractions and live performances, and say hello to your favorite characters. Don’t forget to take lots of photos — the theme park is filled with incredibly photogenic themed areas. Even the food looks great in photos! Among the highlights of this theme park are: • Character Greeting Residence — Want to meet your favorite Sanrio characters and take photos with them against a very Insta-worthy backdrop? Then you won't want to miss Character Greeting Residence, Sanrio's newest attraction since 2016! Designed to resemble a high-rise apartment, this "residence" in Sanrio Puroland's Strawberry Hall area features five themed rooms, with motifs such as Vintage Pop, Cutie Strawberry, and more. A rotating lineup of Sanrio characters will make appearances for meet-and-greets here. • The Lady Kitty House — Hello Kitty welcomes friends from all over the world to her home! Visit Kitty's living room, learn about her hobbies, and even watch performances by guest artists. • Sanrio Character Boat Ride – Take a wonderful, whimsical voyage through the world of Sanrio. • My Melody & Kuromi Mymeroad Drive — Take a pleasant ride through My Melody and Kuromi’s home, Mariland. Photo opportunities await along the way! • Kiki & Lala Twinkling Tour — Walk through the pastel-colored Dream Star Cloud, where the Little Twin Stars Kiki and Lala were born. • Miracle Gift Parade — Enjoy this fairytale-like parade featuring Hello Kitty, Dear Daniel, My Melody, and other Sanrio characters. What miracles will happen during the parade? Find out for yourself! • Character Food Court — You’ll find all sorts of cute and photogenic character-themed food here! The menu regularly changes, so expect seasonal and limited-time-only food and drinks from time to time. • Restaurant Yakata — Meet your favorite characters while you dine at this buffet restaurant with a relaxing ambiance. But these aren't all! Sanrio Puroland also holds various performances, events, and tie-ups with other media franchises. Past examples include Zombie Night during which zombies took over the park for Halloween, Valentine's Day events, and Christmas celebrations. As for performances, since 2018, Sanrio has staged an innovative take on traditional Kabuki theater: Kawaii Kabuki, featuring Sanrio characters acting out Japanese folktales such as Momotaro. Visit Sanrio Puroland now for a journey to the colorful world of Sanrio! © 2018,2022 SANRIO CO., LTD. © 2018 SANRIO/SHOCHIKU APPROVAL No.P1407195 S/D・G

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1) Select your preferred date. Our system sets the start time at 10:00 by default; however, the park's actual opening time varies, and is usually from 08:30–10:00. Please make sure to book one e-ticket for each person in your group; multiple people cannot share one e-ticket 2) Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive an email with your QR code e-ticket. Please check carefully for details such as the date and validity period 3) Your ticket is open-date, usable anytime within the validity period as long as Sanrio Puroland is open (except during blackout days, which are subject to change). Please check the "Schedule" section for information on Sanrio Puroland's schedule for the next few months. For the latest information, please check the official website shortly before you visit 4) On the day of your visit, each person in your group must present a QR code e-ticket at the entrance for admission