Ice fishing for smelt in Kushiro Marsh


With free pick up and drop off! Come empty-handed to Lake Takkobuko and enjoy Japanese pond smelt fishing! We'll help you prepare and eat your catch using original Japanese tempura!


  • Ice fishing for smelt fish in the frozen lake is well known
  • Smelt fishing is popular as winter sports
  • Smelt fishing guides who are familiar with, and considering the weather conditions and lake ice conditions, will guide you

Key Information

Important Information

The course will take place in a national park. Please follow the guide's instruction at all times for safety reasons and show respect towards our natural surroundings.


I will pick you up at 8:00am from the desired accommodation. Please wait at the accommodation lobby. ※ The exact time and place will be decided by a contact with the applicant. Vast scenery of white ice fields is unique in the winter. The sound of the shrinking ice will echo from under your feet in this season. No need of provisions or special tools! You can join us empty-handed. We will give you all necessary smelt fishing instruments - "hand spring rod," "4-hocks", "bait", "drilling", etc. First the guide will open a hole in the ice. The thickness of the ice is greater than or equal to 60 cm. You can eat the smelt fish you caught with tempura on the spot. Bringing rice balls and beer is also okay. I will send you off from from Tatsukobu Lake to the hotel. (※ 12: 00 ~ 13: 00 pm arrival) ※ after the tour ends, it is also possible to send you off to Kushiro Airport or to JR Kushiro Station.

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