Iai Shrine Samurai Show and Iaido Experiences in Yamagata


See a samurai show or learn about Iaido in the birthplace of Iaido, Yamagata Prefecture. Watch Iaido demonstrations, discover how Iaido was created and how its development has affected Bushido. Practice authentic Iaido with a professional sensei.


  • Visit Hayashizaki Iai Shrine, dedicated to the founder of Iaido, Hayashizaki Shigenobu
  • Explore your inner self through this original Iaido experience
  • Experience Iaido at the Iai Shrine—the birthplace of Iaido
  • Learn Iaido under the guidance of a professional sensei
  • Choose a private training experience for the ultimate samurai education

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Important Information

- The instructor has extensive experience training international visitors but does not speak English. If would like an interpreter, please book the add-on option during checkout. Also, please inform us which language you prefer: English, Chinese or Malay - Please wear loose-fitting undergarments for training


Iaido—a Japanese martial art that emphasizes being aware and capable of quickly drawing the sword and responding to a sudden attack—has its foundations in Bushido—the code of conduct followed by Japan's samurai warriors. At a time when the katana (Japanese sword) was used only as a weapon, Iaido gave rise to a new way of thinking: the katana was no longer merely a tool of war, but a means through which one improves their mind and body. Iaido quickly became culturally significant in Japan, playing a role in many historical events. The goal of Iaido is to achieve a balance between mind and body. Iaido training involves learning how to handle a katana as well as how to perform kata (movements). Learn the Iaido Musou Shinden style of Shohattou movements. Sensei will constantly be by your side to help you master the movements and understand the meaning and philosophy behind each movement. Experience 1: Iai Battou Technique Samurai Experience (120 minutes) Experience 2: Iai Battou Technique Private Training (5 Hours) Basic Itinerary for Experiences (Please check details in schedule section below) 1. Change into Iaido training wear A professional will help you put on your Iaido training wear. 2. Iai Shrine visit (the origin of Iai) Pay a visit to the place where Iai was created and the creator of Iai, Hayashizaki Jinsuke Shigenobu was enshrined. 3. The roots of Iaido lecture Iaido sensei will brief you on Iaido fundamentals, its magnificent history, and the real meaning of Iaido to Japanese people. 4. Iaido demonstration An expert Iaido sensei, Abe Sensei of Abe Ittou Ryuu (One Sword Style) will demonstrate Iaido kata (movements) and perform tameshigiri (tatami cutting). 5. Learn and practices Iaido Musou Shinden-style Shohattou movements Master movements and understand the meaning and philosophy behind each movement with expert guidance. 6. Take pictures with sensei Make this experience an unforgetful moment in your life; take pictures in the holy land of Iaido, a sacred place for samurai.

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