The Esoteric Buddhism, Goma Practice with Fire




  • Encounter beautiful natural scenery at the suburbs of Tokyo
  • you can see local people's life connected with religion.
  • At the treasury house, you see valuable old letters, images of Buddha from 14th centuries.
  • Experiencing listening dragon's voice, watching the sole of Buddha etc are also very interesting.
  • Explore unique experience of Japanese Buddhism

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Important Information

Meeting place is JR Shinjuku station. If you wish to picking up at the reception of your hotel, additional fee is required.


Why don’t you experience the esoteric Buddhism? “Kukai”, the most famous excellent monk in Japan, traveled to China in the 9th century and brought that to Japan. He also founded the school for the general in Nara prefecture. It is very unique to experience their “Goma” practice. The monks pray people’s wish to come true by throwing the wooden stick on which their wishes are written into the fire at the temple from 8th century. After getting oil to purify your body from monk, you enter the area very special. We can go into the fifth story pagoda and watch many small Buddha statues there and walk a little bit hillside area, imagining the pilgrims of ancient era. One and half hours. Entrance of treasure houses are not included. The pond of Nishiki-goi or beautiful carps, the statue of Samurai, the house of which ceiling is decorated by a draw of dragon is also very impressive.

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