Kyoto Izakaya Restaurant Tour—Japanese Izakaya 101


Kyoto offers many culinary delights, but visiting an izakaya is the classic way to enjoy essential Japanese cuisine, and this tour teaches all you need to know. Enjoy cherry blossom night views while enjoying sake—quite different from daytime hanami!


  • Learn how to order food and drink at a Japanese restaurant
  • Experience an evening of local Japanese culture through Japanese food and drink
  • Enjoy a night out on the town in Kyoto the way the locals do it
  • Learn all you need to know to enjoy Japanese izakaya on your own

Key Information

Important Information

- Guest must be age 6 or older to participate - You must be age 20 or over to order alcoholic drinks - Guests under age 20 will receive soft drinks in place of the beer, sake tasting set, and shochu/chuhai drink included in the price - Please note that depending on the cherry blossoms blooming period, you may not be able to see the cherry blossoms at full bloom


Looking for things to do in Kyoto to complete your Japan experience? Let's explore Kyoto at night, and enjoy an evening of modern Japanese culture through food and drink. You won't see this Kyoto experience in guidebooks. Go beyond temples, shrines, and other historic buildings to discover the real modern Kyoto through the Japanese izakaya. Japanese izakaya, or informal Japanese pubs, are casual places for after-work eating and drinking. Japanese izakaya pubs are often compared to Irish pubs, tapas bars, or the types of American saloons or taverns one might see in a western. Michelin star Japanese restaurants have their own special allure, but if you would like to experience the Japanese cuisine enjoyed by the vast majority of the local Kyoto people, you'll want to start with a visit to the local Japanese izakaya. Japanese izakaya pubs are the places where most working people go to unwind, blow off steam, or simply enjoy an evening of relaxation at the end of another long day. On this tour, we'll introduce you to Japanese sake and izakaya cuisine served at a typical local izakaya you won't find in any guidebook. You'll learn the essential knowledge for choosing and ordering food and drink, and gain enough confidence to try other local favorites. Sample Itinerary 18:30 - Meet in Karasuma Sanjo 18:45 - Go to an izakaya and enjoy a welcome beer • Enjoy recommended appetizers • Taste and learn about sake • Talk and learn about Japanese drinking culture 20:30 - Experience ends (your guide will leave you at the izakaya)

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