NINJA training & Asakusa NINJA tour!


Ninja Tour is one of the silliest activities in Japan! Every participant wears a Ninja uniform and goes around local spots in Asakusa (Kaminari Gate, Asakusa temple, Handmade soap shop, Kappabashi Market) This will definitely be memorable for you!


  • Wear a real ninja costume
  • NINJA training(Shuriken, blowgun, sword, NINJA action)
  • NINJA lunch(Available for food restrictions)
  • Tea ceremony
  • Short tour in Asakusa

Key Information


This is a really unique Ninja activity & tour in Tokyo. Every participants dress up ninja outfit and get NINJA training and Asakusa tour!! Take a lot of photos!! We make your highlight in JAPAN. The activity & tour is held everyday from 11:00 to 15:00. Below are the details of the tour: 【Contents】 11:00 Meet at NINJA Cafe & Bar in Asakusa 11:00~11:20 Dress up NINJA Suits 11:20~12:00 NINJA training(Shuriken throwing, and playing blowgun and Ninja sword, Make a competition) 12:00~12:45 NINJA foods and drink 12:50~13:20 Experience traditional Tea ceremony. 13:30~15:00 Visit some local spot with NINJA.

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