Keihoku Kyoto Tour—Joshokoji Temple & Kitayama Sugi Museum


Visit Keihoku to craft cedar chopsticks and learn about the centuries-old Kitayama sugi cedar industry. Enjoy cherry blossoms later than the city in the cool mountain air, visit Joshokoji Temple, savor a Japanese lunch, then return to downtown Kyoto.


  • Visit Keihoku—the center of Kyoto's traditional cedar forestry industry
  • Learn about the role of Kitayama sugi in Japanese architecture
  • Make your own cedar chopsticks using Kitayama sugi
  • Visit the scenically beautiful, historically significant Joshokoji Temple
  • Eat a delicious lunch at a traditional Japanese restaurant

Key Information

Important Information

- Children under age 6 cannot participate in this tour - This tour is for a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 participants - Please choose English or Chinese speaking guide - Please note that depending on the cherry blossoms blooming period, you may not be able to see the cherry blossoms at full bloom


Keihoku in Kyoto features vast forests of cedar trees, known as Kitayama Sugi (Kitayama cedar). The cedar trees grown here have been central to both the establishment and ongoing development of traditional forestry in Kyoto. For centuries, Japanese builders have used the wood from Kitayama sugi in Japanese architecture. This legacy has made the role of beautiful cedar wood in tearooms, teahouses, and tokonoma (the recessed space in Japanese-style reception rooms) alcoves particularly significant. The pure beauty produced from the wood of the Kitayama sugi forests has helped make Kyoto a vital center for one of Japan's most celebrated woodcraft and architecture industries. On this trip to Keihoku, you'll visit the Kitayama Sugi Center make your very own cedar chopsticks, and learn about the role of the cedar tree in the lives of locals. You'll also visit the scenically beautiful and historically significant Joshokoji Temple, well-known for beautiful autumn leaves in the fall and delicate cherry blossoms in the spring. Finally, you'll relish a delicious Japanese lunch at Sanryotei, a cozy countryside restaurant overlooking the Katsura River. English-speaking guide and transportation provided.

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