Fuji-Q Highland E-tickets


Book now for flexible Fuji-Q Highland tickets! Get an entry pass valid for up to 90 days from the purchase date, then, head to this popular theme park — considered one of Japan's most popular — at the foot of Mt. Fuji for record-breaking thrill rides.


  • Choose between one-day or afternoon-only Fuji-Q Free Passes — both open-date, valid up to 90 days from purchase date
  • Enjoy record-breaking roller coasters and elaborate anime-themed rides and attractions
  • Take in breathtaking views of Mt. Fuji from some rides
  • Get the fright of your life at the Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear, the world's longest, scariest haunted-house attraction

Key Information


The Fuji-Q One-Day Pass (includes Fuji-Q and Thomas land) will get you all day access to Fuji-Q Highland and unlimited access to rides. Get ready to feel your heart to race as you explore Fuji-Q Highland where you can enjoy four top major roller coasters with the iconic Mount Fuji in the background. Get your thrills on Fujiyama, the tallest and fastest roller coaster, the 10th fastest, 8th tallest, and 5th longest ride in the world. Check out Do-dodonpa’s new vertical loop and the world's fastest acceleration of any roller coaster, at a speed of 111.9 miles per hour in 1.6 seconds. Takabisha is famous for having a drop angle of 121-degrees, the steepest coaster in the world. On Eejanaika, you can experience life in 4-D. When you’re not on an exciting coaster ride, check out the Labyrinth of Fear, anime-themed rides, and kid-friendly rides.

How it works

1) Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive an email with a QR code, which serves as your e-ticket. Your QR code e-ticket is valid for use any day within 90 days from your purchase date Note: If you do not receive your tickets, please contact us using the Rakuten Travel Experiences inquiry form. Note that your QR code tickets will only be emailed to you and cannot be accessed via "My Page" 2) At Fuji-Q Highland, tap your QR code onto a reader near the entry gates to receive your physical admission tickets (no need to wait in line at the ticket office) 3) Note that facial-recognition cameras are used to admit entry to every ride at Fuji-Q Highland