Taiwan Chiayi Taiping Suspension Bridge E-Tickets


For a bit of a thrill and panoramic bird's-eye views of Chiayi County's stunning scenery, cross the Taiping Suspension Bridge, the longest and tallest of its kind in Taiwan! While the views are gorgeous no matter when you visit, especially exceptional are sights such as the "Sea of Clouds" phenomenon, the dazzling nightscape, the Meshan 36 Bends, and Chiayi's sunset.


  • Cross Taiwan's longest and tallest suspension bridge for fantastic views
  • Take in panoramic views of Chiayi's rich nature, and gaze out all the way to see the Taiwan Strait
  • If your timing is right, catch the phenomenal "Sea of Clouds" for the mystical sight of the area blanketed in clouds
  • Take in panoramic views of Chiayi's rich nature, and gaze out all the way to see the Taiwan Strait
  • If your timing is right, catch the phenomenal "Sea of Clouds" for the mystical sight of the area blanketed in clouds
  • Enjoy nighttime illuminations — the bridge is lit up at night, with one color of the rainbow each evening

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Important Information

• Once your booking is confirmed, we will send you an e-mail with a QR code, which will serve as your e-ticket • At Taiping Suspension Bridge's ticketing counter, present your QR code (printed or displayed on your smartphone) for the staff to scan • Your QR code is for one-time use only; once it has been scanned, you may no longer reuse it • Your ticket entitles you to a discount (10% off the selling price) for purchases over 100 TWD at the second-floor restaurant of Taiping Suspension Bridge • This ticket is priced for general admission (ages 13 or older). For other types of tickets such as those for children, please purchase them on-site • Staff may suspend access to the bridge due to the weather, orders by the local government, calamities, or other reasons. If Taiping Suspension Bridge is closed for such reasons on the date of your visit, you may be eligible for a refund; please apply at Alishan EasyGo's website or contact us for assistance: https://rakuten-travelexp.net/alishan-easygo • As this ticket is non-refundable, refunds will not be issued for reasons other than the above • Accessing the bridge when it is closed is strictly prohibited; unauthorized entrants may face legal consequences, and management will take no responsibility for any injuries • This attraction is not recommended for guests with the following conditions: acrophobia (fear of heights), high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, pregnancy, or any other physical and mental conditions that may affect the experience • Those who are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs are strictly prohibited from entering • Those who wish to visit this attraction but are concerned about their health condition are recommended to sign up for public accident insurance related to Taiping Suspension Bridge; the coverage for bodily injuries is up to 6 million TWD per person • The following are not allowed at Taiping Suspension Bridge: umbrellas, smoking, pets, explosives and other hazardous items, and other items that may cause damage to the property and/or obstruction to others • For your own safety, please do not wear high heels • Please refrain from inappropriate actions that might compromise your and other guests' safety and enjoyment, such as running and jumping, making excessive noise, climbing the bridge, or throwing objects from the bridge/at others • Please stick to the designated route • Guests with strollers and wheelchairs are asked to refrain from using the bridge's stairways • In the event of an emergency, a red warning light will flash. Those who are on the bridge should follow staff instructions for evacuation; no other visitors will be allowed until it is safe for the bridge to reopen


Located in Chiayi County, Taiping Suspension Bridge, also known as "Taiping Sky Bridge," is Taiwan's longest and tallest suspension bridge at 281 meters long and about 1,000 meters above sea level. It's designed to resemble a dragon, with its north tower meant to be the dragon's raised head (a gesture that's said to be lucky), and the south tower meant to be the tail. Spanning across Taiping Village's Wangfeng Pavilion, Taipingshan, and Sanyuan Rainbow Waterfall, all the way to Guishan, this bridge offers fantastic views of the resplendent nature that surrounds it. Take in the sight of Chiayi's lush green paddies and fields, as well as betel nut and longan trees growing abundantly. As you walk further down, gaze out to see the famously winding 36 Bends of Meishan, the Chiayi–Tainan Plain, and the Taiwan Strait in the distance. Time your visit just right, and you might be lucky enough to catch some of the utterly splendid views from this bridge. Easily the most iconic view is the Sea of Clouds, a phenomenon in which the surroundings are blanketed in clouds, adding a mystical air to the area. Chiayi's vivid, dramatic sunset is beautiful, too, and so are the dazzling nightscapes. Also, at night, Taiping Suspension Bridge is lit up with one color of the rainbow each time — making the bridge itself a photogenic sight, too.

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