1-Day Island Hopping Tour to Takashima & Kuroshima Near Sasebo, Nagasaki


Visit two gorgeous remote islands on this full-day tour. On Takashima, you’ll enjoy sunrise over the sea and make ‘chikuwa’ fishcakes at a well-known local factory. Then, on Kuroshima, take an e-bike tour of the island’s remarkable history and make ‘fukure manju’ dumplings with local residents.


  • Watch sunrise over the Kujukushima Islands from Mount Bandake
  • On Takashima, enjoy a beach breakfast with locally made chikuwa fishcakes
  • Cycle through Kuroshima Island, savor local delicacies, and learn about its rich religious history
  • Make traditional ‘fukure manju’ sweets with a local resident
  • Includes taxi pickup at your accommodation in Sasebo

Key Information

Important Information

•  This tour requires at least 2 participants to push through. If the tour does not meet the minimum number of participants, we will contact you a day before your experience date at the latest to refund or reschedule • Your arrangements will be handled by Sasebo Convention & Visitors Association. For your transportation, your taxi will be provided by Sasebo City Taxi Association, while the chartered boats will be provided by Marine Taxi Sakura and Pleasure Boat Akebono Maru • Pick-up can only be arranged for guests staying in the Sasebo city area (not including the Huis Ten Bosch, Sechibaru, and Shikamachi areas) • Participants must be aged 6 or older and in good health; children aged 6–14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian • The exact pick-up time differs depending on the season. We will contact you with further joining instructions as your experience date approaches • Included meals are not suitable for a vegetarian or halal diet, and may be unsuitanble for people with allergies; please contact us for more details • The tour cannot accommodate large pieces of luggage; please bring only what you need • If we have to cancel the tour due to weather or other conditions, we will call you to refund or reschedule


Enjoy stunning natural beauty, local delicacies, and centuries of history all in a single day on this island-hopping tour around the maritime Saikai National Park! The tour departs from the port town of Sasebo — you’ll be picked up at your accommodation. You’ll start before dawn with a chartered boat to Takashima Island, your first destination. Then, you’ll climb up Mount Bandake for a stunning 360-degree view of sunrise over the Kujukushima Islands, of which Takashima is the second largest. After coming down the mountain, you’ll enjoy breakfast on the beach before making a visit to a factory which makes chikuwa, a tube-shaped fishcake that’s a staple of Japanese cuisine. It’s a prized Takashima specialty — Takashima chikuwa is a popular souvenir among visitors to Sasebo and Saikai National Park. You’ll learn how chikuwa is made and taste a few ultra-fresh samples. Then, you’ll head by boat to Kuroshima Island, your next destination. Upon landing, you’ll explore the island by e-bike. Kuroshima is home to Kuroshima Church, one of the UNESCO World Heritage-recognized ‘Hidden Christian Sites in the Nagasaki Region.’ Faced with widespread persecution, early Japanese Christians fled to Kuroshima and other nearby islands to practice their faith in secret. It was only in the 1860s that this Christian community made itself known. Despite limited funds, they built the Romanesque-style Kuroshima church mainly with local materials. Nowadays, aside from this Catholic church, the island is home to a Shinto shrine and a Buddhist temple, making it an excellent example of Nagasaki Prefecture’s rich religious diversity. After the cycling tour, you’ll enjoy a lunch of ‘shima-meshi’ (“island food”) — an assortment of Kuroshima specialties: locally produced tofu, seafood, and vegetables. For dessert, you’ll make ‘fukure manju,’ small buns stuffed with sweet red bean paste, with an island resident. To end the tour, you’ll cycle back to Kuroshima Port. Take some free time to shop, relax, or enjoy the view, before catching the ferry back to Ainoura Port and JR Sasebo Station.

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