Eco-Friendly Sea Kayaking Tour Around Kujukushima Near Sasebo, Nagasaki


Weave through the beautiful islands of Kujukushima in Saikai National Park on a kayak, then visit an uninhabited island for a relaxing time on your own private beach. Make a Sasebo burger — a local specialty — for lunch, swim in the sea, stroll along the beach, and help preserve the area’s natural beauty by doing some beach cleaning.


  • Easily accessible from Sasebo City in Nagasaki Prefecture
  • Visit one of Saikai National Park’s uninhabited islands, where you can enjoy a relaxing time on your own private beach
  • Even beginners can kayak with confidence on the area’s calm waters and see Kujukushima’s unique topography up close
  • Enjoy local delicacies for lunch and snack time
  • Participate in beach cleaning to help protect the precious nature of the Saikai National Park

Key Information

Important Information

• This tour requires at least 2 participants to push through. If the tour does not meet the minimum number of participants, we will contact you a day before your experience date at the latest to refund or reschedule • Your taxi arrangements will be handled by Sasebo Convention & Visitors Association and Sasebo City Taxi Association • Participants must be aged 4–70; children aged 4–14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian • If we have to cancel the tour due to weather or other conditions, we will call you to refund or reschedule • The tour cannot accommodate large pieces of luggage; please bring only what you need • Waterproof bags are available, so you can bring your valuables onto your kayak. However, you will be responsible for your own valuables throughout the tour • Backpacks are not allowed into the kayak • Please bring a change of clothes — you are likely to get wet from kayaking, even on clear days • Please do not wear high-heeled or open-toed shoes. Crocs are available for rent in limited quantities and sizes • Changing tents are available at the kayaking departure point, but showers are not available. If you wish to bathe after the tour, please book an Option that includes Spa (Day Use) • Guests with tattoos cannot use the spa • The only meal option available on the day is the Sasebo Burger. There are no vegetarian or vegan options. • The Sunset Course meal will be served at 14:30 — a late lunch — so we recommend having a light meal beforehand


Kujukushima (literally translating to “99 islands”) is a group of 208 verdant islands that are part of Saikai National Park, a maritime park in Nagasaki Prefecture that’s easily accessible from Sasebo City. Only a few of these islands are inhabited; the rest are unspoiled island paradises. On this tour, you’ll kayak around Kujukushima’s scenic islands and visit an uninhabited islet. Sightseeing boats are not allowed to sail the area where you’ll be kayaking, so you’ll get an up-close view of Kujukushima’s unique topography from the waters as you paddle along. Choose from two courses — a Lunch Course which departs in the morning, or a Sunset Course which departs in the afternoon. Whichever you choose, after you arrive at the uninhabited island, you’ll make a Sasebo burger for lunch. Influenced by American military presence in Sasebo, the Sasebo burger is known for its large portions, similar to that of a burger in the USA. To be considered a Sasebo burger, some or all of the ingredients should be from Sasebo. Enjoy this local specialty by barbecuing the meat and some other ingredients yourself! As Saikai National Park takes pride in its sustainability initiatives, you won’t be using disposable tableware and cutlery, and you’ll use as little plastic as possible. When you’re done with lunch, enjoy your own private slice of sandy paradise for a few hours. Stroll along the beach, or just lay back and listen to the waves — you’ll be given free time to explore and enjoy the beach however you want. In summer, you can even swim in the sea! After relaxing, you’ll do your part to keep Kujukushima pristine by helping to pick up litter on the beach. The sea kayaking routes can be customized to suit your fitness and kayaking experience levels. You’ll also receive kayaking instruction, and your guide can tow your kayak if necessary, so even first-timers can join with confidence!

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