Walking & Woodcraft Nature Tour of Tawaragaura Peninsula From Sasebo, Nagasaki


Discover stunning sights and a slow pace of life on the Tawaragaura Peninsula in Nagasaki Prefecture’s Saikai National Park. Nature walks and woodcraft, friendly locals, and fruit picking are your window to another world on this full-day tour from Sasebo City.


  • Play 'Nature Games' on a woodland walk to connect with the heart of Saikai National Park
  • Taste the local delights of Sasebo as part of a ‘bento’ lunchbox
  • Learn some woodcraft and make a sustainable souvenir to take away
  • Meet a farmer and pick seasonal fruits at a local farm
  • See spectacular views of Kujukushima’s forested islets from the Tenkaiho Observatory

Key Information

Important Information

• This tour requires at least 2 participants to push through. If the tour does not meet the minimum number of participants, we will contact you a day before your experience date at the latest to refund or reschedule • Participants must be aged 6 or older; children aged 6–14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian • If we have to cancel the tour due to weather or other conditions, we will call you to refund or reschedule • Lunch is made with ‘dashi’ stock, is not suitable for a vegetarian or halal diet, and may be unsuitable for people with allergies; please contact us for more details • The tour cannot accommodate large pieces of luggage; please bring only what you need


Saikai National Park is one of Japan’s most breathtaking coastal regions — a crossroads of ocean and islands, nature and culture, with magnificent seascapes and striking landscapes. On this full-day tour, you’ll get to glimpse local life on the park’s Tawaragaura Peninsula, through the views, foods, and experiences introduced by your local guide. You’ll head out by bus past Sasebo’s seafront and shipyards to the rich nature of Tawaragaura, enjoying scenic views of this shipbuilding town and military port from your window along the way. Arriving at the Tenkaiho Observatory, you’ll climb to its observation platform to take in gorgeous 180-degree views of Kujukushima. Though the name means “99 islands,” Kujukushima is actually an archipelago of 208 densely packed and strikingly formed islets. From your vantage point, you’ll take a few moments to enjoy the sight of fishing boats and cruise ships weaving their way between the forested isles. Next, you’ll walk in the nearby forest, where your guide will introduce you to “Nature Games” designed to deepen your understanding and appreciation of the precious ecosystem of the Tawaragaura Peninsula. Continuing the theme of life in harmony with nature, you’ll then take a woodworking lesson to make a practical souvenir out of timber from managed woodland. When it’s time for a break, you’ll experience the local culture through a popular Japanese tradition: feasting on a locally-made ‘bento’ lunchbox featuring cuisine that represents the area. Then, it’s time to explore, with about an hour and a half to walk the Tawaragaura Peninsula with your guide. Take in more views of the beautiful park and see the seasonal plant life that graces the peninsula as you make your way to a local farmer’s home. There, you’ll pick seasonal fruits for a delicious workout before sharing a relaxed and convivial cup of tea with the farmer — the final highlight of the tour.

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