Watch Ukai Fishing on the Kiso River in Inuyama, Aichi


Board a sightseeing boat to watch 'ukai,' an ancient practice that uses trained birds called cormorants to catch fish, as you enjoy the scenery and dinner.


  • Enjoy not only ukai, but also the scenery: the Kiso River, Inuyama Castle, and mountains in the distance
  • Watch ukai (cormorant fishing), a cultural tradition that's over 1,300 years old
  • Have a delicious bento box for dinner, then watch ukai from your sightseeing boat

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Important Information

• This activity does not include a guide; please board the boat on your own. For explanations, English materials will be provided • This activity may sometimes be canceled due to inclement weather and/or the overflowing of the Kiso River. In this case, we will contact you by 09:00 on the day of your activity to refund or reschedule - Participants must wear a mask; you will have your temperature taken before boarding


The ancient practice of ukai involves using trained birds called cormorants to catch freshwater fish such as 'ayu' (sweetfish) at night. This traditional fishing method that’s over 1,300 years old thrived under the patronage of local and national authorities such as warlords and the Imperial Family. Today, ukai is still staged on summer nights at 13 rivers across Japan for audiences’ pleasure. With fishing masters called ‘usho’ wearing traditional robes and straw skirts, as well as flaming torches hanging from the fisherfolk’s boats, ukai is a spectacle to behold. In this activity, you’ll watch ukai on the Kiso River in Inuyama. You’ll board a sightseeing boat, from which you'll enjoy the surrounding scenery as you feast on a bento box for dinner. Afterward, you will return to the boat for the main attraction: ukai. This tour lasts for about 2 ½ hours, and is available from June 1 to October 15. From June to August, it starts at 17:45, while from September to October, it starts at 17:15. Sample schedule: 17:45 / 17:15 — Meet in front of the reception area of Kisogawa Ukai 18:00 / 17:30 — Board the sightseeing boat at Inuyama Bridge Wharf; enjoy dinner and sightseeing 19:00 / 18:30 — Get off the sightseeing boat; break time 19:30 / 19:00 — Return to the sightseeing boat to watch ukai 19:45 / 19:15 — Watch ukai in action 20:15 / 19:45 — Disembark at Inuyama Bridge Wharf; activity ends

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