Jiku Kappo Sara Japanese Dining in Yasu, Shiga Prefecture


Relish delicious Japanese cuisine at Jiku Kappo Sara in Yasu, Shiga Prefecture. Choose from three menu sets all featuring a main dish with a side of mouth-watering shrimp tempura, and two with succulent Omi beef: the Sushi, Omi Beef, or Special Set.


  • Experience dining at Jiku Kappo Sara in Yasu, Shiga Prefecture
  • Treat yourself to delicious Japanese cuisine at very reasonable prices
  • Choose from three options, two of which include succulent Omi beef

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Important Information

- All purchases are final; we cannot refund confirmed bookings - Jiku Kappo Sara does not accept cancellations; please be sure of your schedule when making a booking


Jiku Kappo Sara in Yasu, Shiga Prefecture, is a short eight-minute walk from Yasu Station. Choose from three courses, two of which include Omi beef. Here, you'll relish fine Japanese cuisine for lunch or dinner. (Jiku Kappo Sara serves lunch between 11:00–14:00 and dinner between 17:00–22:00.) Your first option is the Sushi Set, which includes sushi, tempura (shrimp and vegetables), tamagoyaki, and soup. Your second option is the Omi Beef Set, which includes Omi Beef (150 grams), tempura (shrimp and vegetables), tamagoyaki, rice, Japanese pickles, and soup. Finally, Jiku Kappo Sara offers you their Special Set, which includes Omi Beef (100 g), sushi, tempura (shrimp and vegetables), tamagoyaki, Japanese pickles, and soup. Omi beef is the most venerable brand of beef in Japan. Omi beef originated in Shiga Prefecture (the name, Omi comes from Omi Province, the previous name for Shiga Prefecture). Wagyu (Japanese beef) fanatics consider Omi beef to bee one of the three top brands, along with Kobe beef and Matsusaka beef.

How it works

1. Once you've booked, we will send a confirmation email to you 2. Go to the restaurant and present the QR code in the confirmation email - Present a JR-West Rail Pass for a complimentary non-alcoholic beverage - After lunch, there is a free one-way shuttle bus to Mitsui Outlet Park Shiga Ryuo (lunchtime only)

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