Get ICOCA Card—Japan's Most Convenient Prepaid E-Money Card


Use handy ICOCA prepaid e-money card to pay for transportation or shopping. Board buses without coins, enter stations without tickets; use ICOCA to pay for goods at stores, kiosks, or vending machines, or for services like lockers, parking, or taxis.


  • Book now and collect your pre-charged ICOCA Card within 90 days
  • Use your QR Code to get your ICOCA Card at KIX or in downtown Osaka
  • Ride city trains, subways, or buses without handling tickets or cash, and pay less than paper tickets
  • Enjoy hassle-free travel without calculating fares or stopping to search station maps

Key Information

Important Information

ICOCA Card Deposit and Balance Refunds: - Go to any JR West station ticket office to get your 500 JPY deposit for ICOCA cards issued by JR West Japan - Return your card to receive your 500 JPY deposit and any remaining balance minus a 220 JPY charge - JR deducts 220 JPY from any remaining balance for returns. However, if the balance is zero or negative after the 220 JPY charge, there will be no charge Refund Examples: - 1,000 JPY balance: Deduct 220 JPY fee and add 500 JPY deposit for 1,280 JPY refund - 100 JPY balance: Deduct 220 JPY fee (negative sum rounds to zero) and add 500 JPY deposit for a refund of 500 JPY - 0 JPY balance: Deduct 220 JPY fee (negative sum rounds to zero) add 500 JPY deposit for a refund of 500 JPY Train/subway/bus fares are free for children under age six unless they need a reserved seat # Orders - Bulk buying is not allowed. Guest who uses the same Rakuten Travel Experiences account or the same name (who picks up the cards) to make multiple orders on the same day is not allowed. - Guests can only order 3 cards per account/order. If you want to book more than 6 cards, please contact JTR in advance. # Pickup - Guests who want to pick up more than 6 tickets at the same time need to contact JTR in advance. - If guests cannot inform JTR in advance, they may not be able to pick up the ICOCA cards. - Guests need to make sure that the name they placed when ordering matches the one on their passport. JTR will make a copy of the passport to ensure that the guest has not picked up more than 30 tickets in a month # JTR Contact Information Please contact JTR in advance if you want to order more than 6 tickets at once. 1. Kansai International Airport Terminal 1, Arrivals HIS. Counter, 1/F North Exit of International Arrival Gate (JTR Signing Counter) Telephone: 080-4011-8818 2. Edion Namba Tourist Information Center 1/F Edion Namba Building, 3-2-18 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0076 (JTR Signing Counter) Telephone: 06-6684-9930


Reserve an ICOCA Card—Japan's most convenient prepaid e-money card—before you travel. The rechargeable IC card ICOCA is the most widely used prepaid e-money card in the Kansai region. Use ICOCA to pay for train or bus transportation, purchase goods at convenience stores, kiosks, or vending machines, or to pay for lockers or taxi cabs. In Japan, there are several types of e-money cards in use, depending on the city. However, most of these systems accept IC cards including ICOCA as well. Using ICOCA to pay for public transportation is slightly cheaper than using cash to purchase tickets. So in addition to saving you time and effort, using ICOCA also saves you money as well. ICOCA and PiTaPa distributed by Surutto Kansai can be mutually used in Kansai. Beyond Kansai, use ICOCA on the following IC systems across Japan: Kitaca (JR Hokkaido) Suica (JR East, Sendai area) Suica (JR East, Niigata area) Suica (JR East, Tokyo area) PASMO (Tokyo area) manaca (Nagoya Railways) Toica (JR Toukai) SUGOCA (JR Kyushu) Nimoca (Western Japan Railways) HAYAKAKEN (Fukuoka Subway) Your ICOCA card comes preloaded with 1,500 JPY, in addition to the 500 JPY card deposit JR West Japan charges to issue each ICOCA card.* With so many ways to use cash stored on ICOCA, including shopping and services, you need not worry about adding too much cash to ICOCA. You can also get your balance back before you leave Japan (see Important Information for details). * To get your 500 JPY deposit back, return your ICOCA card at any JR Ticket Office (Midori-no-Madoguchi) at a JR West station before leaving Japan.

How it works

1) Upon booking, Rakuten Travel Experiences will send you a confirmation email 2) Go to a collection point (see below) during business hours and present your QR code to get your pre-charged ICOCA card Collection Points • Kansai International Airport Terminal 1 International Arrival Lobby, HIS Japan Travel Desk (08:30–22:00) • Edion Namba Tourist Information Center (10:00–21:00)

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