Amazing Tokyo Tour


Discover Tokyo's top attractions by bus. In the morning you can take a deep breath and feel the natural scenery at Meiji Shrine, the imperial palace and Sensoji temple in Asakusa. In the afternoon you will experience modern Japan at the Tokyo Sky Tree tower and Tokyo Bay Cruise. Meet you at the LOVE statue at Shinjuku I-Land Tower, where you will hop on a comfortable air-conditioned coach. Firstly, we will visit Meiji Jingu Shinto Shrine, where Emperor Meiji has been enshrined, to pray for him for your entire safe trip in Japan. Secondly, we will drive to the Imperial Palace where there is a large green area. As the actual place does not allow you to enter, we will visit either the east garden or outer garden of the place. On the way there, you can see the National Diet Building Parliament House. After that, continue on to Asakusa Senso-ji temple, going through "Akihabara", famous for games and animations and "Ueno" famous for national parks and museums. Strolling at Asakusa, Tokyo's most famous and historical place, as if you were traveling back to the Samurai period For lunch we will have Chanko nabe (Chicken Hot Pot), which Sumo (Japanese wrestling) players eat every day, at Ryogoku. You can find an interesting interior of Sumo in the restaurant. If you need vegetarian or Muslim friendly meals, please request it 2 days before the day. The restaurant cannot accept it on the tour day. In the afternoon we will go to The Tokyo Sky Tree tower which is the tallest broadcasting tower in the world. You can go up to the observation deck (350m) with faster waiting line tickets and enjoy a 360° panoramic view. Finally, we will take a Tokyo Bay cruise which is an open-deck , the highlight of our tour. You can see 360 degree panoramic views such as the Rainbow Bridge and Odaiba area. (When we cannot take a cruise due to weather, traffic and events we will go to an alternative place.) You will choose to get off the bus at either Shimbashi station or Shinjuku station. Please write down if you have a child who is under 3 years old on “notes/remarks” when you book. They will be free and be seated in someone’s laps in your group. Your tour includes our friendly English-speaking native guide and a Multilingual audio guide from English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Thai and Indonesian. The coach is always antibacterial coating and regulary ventilation, confy airconditioned bus with free wifi.


  • A native English-speaking guide attend this tour
  • Plus, multilingual audio guidance available in 8 languages
  • Discover Tokyo's must-see landmarks efficiently in 1day
  • Stroll at Asakusa, as if you were back to the Samurai era
  • Visit Tokyo Skytree and enjoy a 360° panoramic view

Key Information


●Itinerary 1. 9:00 am Depart from the “LOVE” statue in front of “i-Land tower” in Shinjuku ・Meeting 10 min prior to the departure time. ↓ 2. Meiji Jingu Shinto Shrine ・One of the most famous Shinto shrines in Tokyo, built in 1921, made for the emperor Meiji and surrounded by beautiful lush green. ↓ 3.Imperial Palace ・The current residence of the Imperial family, also formerly Edo Castle was located in. ・Beautiful historical garden with seasonal flowers! ↓ 4. Asakusa -Senso-ji temple, Kaminari-mon and Nakamise shopping avenue- ・The most popular sightseeing spot in Tokyo. ・You can see excellent structures such as Kaminari-mon gate and Senso-ji temple. ↓ ★Lunch info ・You will eat a Chanko-Nabe which is a famous as Sumo wrestlers’ cuisine. If you need vegetarian or Muslim friendly meals, please request it 2 days before the day. The restaurant cannot accept it on the tour day. ・The restaurant is nicely decorated to show Sumo culture. For example, you will see Dohyo Sumo Wrestling ring or paintings of Sumo wrestlers! ↓ 5. Tokyo Sky Tree ・Enjoy such a beautiful panorama view from 350m above the ground! ・The first 4 floors from the ground are a shopping mall named “Sora-machi”. It is one of the best spot for buying traditional but sophisticated designed souvenirs. ↓ 6. Tokyo Bay Cruise ・As a finale of the tour, relax and enjoy a cruise going across the panoramic Tokyo bay. ※ When we cannot take a cruise due to weather, traffic and events we will go to an alternative place. ↓ 7. Drop off point 1: Shinbashi station at about 5:30pm ↓ 8. Drop off point 2: Shinjuku Station at about 6:10pm ※We have only the above two drop off points. --Notices-- ・The minimum participant to run the tour is 1. ・There is a tour in English and Japanese. ・Multilingual audio guidance in English, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese,Indonesian and Thai are available. ・Itinerary order is subject to change depending on traffic, weather, and operation. ・If any place is closed, we will try to attend alternative place.