Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise E-Ticket


Visit Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, one of Japan’s biggest amusement parks, with 2 unique areas Aqua Resorts and Pleasure Land occupying an entire island. Enjoy 4 different aquariums and unlimited access to 15 thrilling rides and attractions!


  • Get the chills dropping 107 meters on Blue Fall, and whizz over Tokyo Bay on Surf Coaster
  • A one-day pass includes both Hakkeijima Sea Paradise: Aqua Resorts and Pleasure Land
  • Explore four fascinating aquariums at Aqua Resorts
  • Unlimited access to 15 thrilling rides and attractions at Pleasure Land
  • Touch and take pictures with dolphins, penguins, seal lions and more!

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• The ticket will be available as an e-ticket • Cancellations, transfer of tickets, and re-entry are not permitted • Please note that some attractions in the Pleasure Land need extra entrance fee


How about an entire day of fun and exciting activities at Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise? Not only is this one of Japan’s biggest amusement parks, but it’s conveniently located at Tokyo Bay in Yokohama, which is easily accessible by car, bus or train. The park boasts four unique and large-scale aquariums, numerous rides, souvenir shops, and restaurants, while also being abundant in greenery featuring several flower gardens. As soon as you step into the park, you’ll smell the fresh sea breeze around you. The “Hakkeijima Sea Paradise E-Ticket One Day Pass” includes entry to all four aquariums in Aqua Resort, as well as unlimited access to 15 thrilling rides and attractions at Pleasure Land, including the Surf Coaster, which literally stands half of itself off the island and on top of the water, and the Blue Fall that will pull you up more than 100 meter above the ground before a rapid and sensational vertical drop. • Aqua Resort - Japan’s biggest aquarium, that brings you the essence of marine life in all its stunning beauty • Aqua Museum This five-story aquarium boasts over 120,000 sea creatures from 700 different species. The first floor houses a gigantic tank with sharks, stingrays, and shoals of sardines, and has an escalator to carry you directly through the lively spectacle in a huge glass tube. On the fourth-floor aqua stadium, you can see stunning dolphin performances, and the evening shows only get more exciting with additional lighting and cutting-edge projection mapping technology. Tip: get your picture taken at the photo spot in the entrance. Even if you don’t purchase the large version of your picture, you will get a business card-sized souvenir photo for free! • Dolphin Fantasy Be surrounded by freely spinning panda dolphins while walking through a giant tunnel-shaped water tank. The natural sunlight shining in from the roof of the building through the water tank, and onto you, will make it feel as though you’re taking a walk under the sea; an experience as close as you could get to the actual natural marine environment. • Umi Farm This outdoor area, just a few meters away from Dolphin Fantasy, focuses on marine education. In addition to informative, fun and easy-to-understand explanations of fish and sea creatures home to Japan’s oceans, you are also able to catch your own fish, like sea bream or horse mackerel and even eat them—deep-fried! This activity is created to show the relationship between fish and humans in the context of an ecosystem of life, since Japan is surrounded by the sea, and fish has always been an important ingredient in Japanese cuisine, and life in general. • Fureai Lagoon Here, you will come as close as you could imagine to the aquarium’s residents. Take a photo with penguins or sea lions, and touch many giant dolphins. Special tours are also available, where you can take a picture together with a large white dolphin for a memorable souvenir. Furthermore, you'll be able to walk through a shallow area resembling Tokyo Bay with real sea creatures in it, which can touch freely... But gently! • Pleasure Land — enjoy thrilling rides between your visits to the different aquariums. Pleasure Land boasts a total of 15 exciting rides and attractions, including the Surf Coaster (Leviathan), a 1,271 meter-long roller coaster built partially off the island and literally on top of the sea; or the Blue Fall ride that pulls you up 107 meters before a vertical free fall. The 90-meter high Sea Paradise Tower that rotates as it elevates will provide you with a 360º panoramic view of the entire island — on sunny days you can even spot Mt. Fuji. If you’re interested in a Tokyo Bay cruise, Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise also boasts a pirate ship-like sightseeing boat that can take you on an adventurous Paradise Cruise. Enjoy the fresh breeze while cruising around Hakkeijima island.

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