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Step into a virtual world at Tokyo Joypolis in the futuristic waterfront district of Odaiba! The brainchild of the world-famous entertainment company Sega, Joypolis is an indoor theme park filled with cutting-edge VR attractions — from roller coasters, to space simulations, to haunted houses. Book now and visit any time in the next 90 days after booking!


  • Flexible e-tickets — book now and head to Tokyo Joypolis anytime in the next 90 days
  • Visit Tokyo Joypolis, one of the most popular attractions in the futuristic Odaiba district
  • Enjoy a variety of virtual-reality attractions suited for different age ranges, as well as occasional limited-time or seasonal attractions
  • Book your Tokyo Joypolis e-tickets in advance to avoid having to queue for or print your tickets
  • Includes access to all attractions except Zero Latency VR — no need to pay per attraction

Key Information

Important Information

Important Note Regarding Tickets - Passport tickets are valid for one day per person. - ZERO LATENCY VR is not included. - Tickets are non-refundable. Important Notice for Children and the Elderly - Children under 6 years old and guests over 60 years old are admitted free of charge. Attractions and games are charged. - Preschool children are admitted free of charge, but there is a fee for attractions if they are taller than 110cm. Important Information Regarding the Facility - Smoking is prohibited inside the facility except in designated areas. - Please refrain from queuing or taking up space in the attraction queue. - No unauthorized solicitation or photography is allowed inside the attractions.


From gaming legends Sega comes Tokyo Joypolis, an indoor theme park in the futuristic waterfront district of Odaiba. This is not only one of Odaiba's top attractions, but also, it's the largest indoor theme park in Japan and one of Tokyo's most popular theme parks! If you're looking for things to do in Odaiba, add Tokyo Joypolis to your itinerary for some fun with friends and/or family! Immerse yourself in over 20 virtual-reality attractions across three floors, from white-water rafting to fighting off zombie hordes with your friends. Most attractions at Tokyo Joypolis are for teens or older, so if you've outgrown kiddie theme-park rides, this is the place for you! Have a blast at Gekion Live Coaster, an attraction that's part-indoor roller coaster and part-music game. Get scared at the "Sadako — The Curse Psychic Manor" haunted house attraction, and challenge yourself at the games arcade. From time to time, Joypolis also holds limited-time tie-ups with popular media franchises such as Evangelion and Ace Attorney, as well as seasonal events, so if you're an otaku, you'll want to stop by for event-exclusive attractions and goodies. Book your Tokyo Joypolis passport in advance with Rakuten Travel Experiences now to enjoy hassle-free entry! You won't have to queue for tickets or print anything; just show your phone at the entrance. What's more, your passport includes access to all attractions except Zero Latency VR — on top of admission, Tokyo Joypolis charges a fee per ride, so you'll be able to save money with a passport. Tickets are valid for up to 90 days after your booking date, so your reservation is secure even if your plans change.

How it works

▶▶There are 3 easy steps from reservation to admission! Step 1 After booking your ticket on Rakuten Travel Sightseeing Experience, an e-ticket will be sent to your registered e-mail address. Step 2 You will need to exchange your e-ticket for the admission ticket on the day of your visit. When you arrive at the facility, please present your e-ticket at the ticket counter with the printout or the screen of your smartphone. Step 3 After receiving your admission ticket, enter the facility!

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