Haruka Express Tickets Between KIX & Shinosaka/Kyoto/Tennoji


Use the Haruka Express for rapid journeys between Kansai Airport and downtown Osaka or Kyoto. Enjoy easy ticket pick-up with frequent departures throughout the day. Get your Osaka or Kyoto trip off to a perfect, hassle-free start.


  • Flexible ticket: valid for 90 days from the date of your booking
  • Save time at the airport by pre-booking tickets
  • Seamless travel to and from the city by express train with free WiFi
  • Convenient ticket pickup upon arriving at Kansai Airport
  • Frequent daily services depart every 30 minutes

Key Information

Important Information

- You must exchange your QR-code voucher into physical ticket. Please bring your non-Japanese passport when you exchange your voucher. - The name on the ticket must match the name on the pass - This voucher is only applicable for foreign visitors whose visa status is “Temporary Visitor” - Only for guests aged 12 and over - Voucher cannot be exchanged if expired - Valid Area: Kansai Airport ⇔ Kyoto (One way) - Please do not drop off the train halfway. Once you drop off, the ticket will be invalid. Exchange your QR-code voucher for a rail ticket at the ticketing machine at any of the following locations: Kansai Airport Kyoto Station Shin-Osaka Station Tennoji Station Osaka Station


On arrival at Kansai Airport, jump aboard the Haruka Express to start your Japan trip smoothly, with a pre-booked rail transfer to Osaka or Kyoto. Save time on exchanging currency or queueing for tickets at the airport, and enjoy a seamless, stress-free trip downtown and back to the airport again, without the fuss of complicated ticket machines. ◆ About the Stops ・Kansai Airport Station Access to the station is via the Terminal 1 building and entry is clearly marked from all areas of the terminal. After collecting your confirmed rail tickets from the Hana Tours counter at the airport, you can then simply make your way to the departure area and enjoy the swift journey to downtown Osaka or to Kyoto. Haruka Express train departures are clearly marked on the timetable displays in both Japanese and English. ・Tennoji The first stop from the airport is Tennoji, which is just 30 minutes away. This is a major transport hub south of Osaka city center, linking multiple rail and subway lines. Just meters away from the station is Japan’s tallest skyscraper and the Tennoji district itself is one of Osaka most vibrant. Alongside many upscale hotels, there are several glitzy shopping malls just a few minutes away on foot. Tennoji Park and Zoo and the Shinsekai dining and entertainment district are also conveniently close. ・Kyoto A 75-minute ride takes you to Kyoto from the airport. The rail station is a cavernous modern building filled with shops, restaurants, and the typical hustle and bustle of daily commuters. Head straight to the multilingual information desk to pick up an English map of the local area, or seek advice to find your hotel and sightseeing options. The station even houses its own theatre, art gallery, and a serene rooftop ‘Sky Garden.’ ・Shin-Osaka This station is located inside a four-story building including Shinkansen and JR train services. It connects Osaka to a lot of other major cities including Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagoya, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka. If you want to travel locally, it also has direct transfers to Shinsaibashi, Namba, and Tennoji. The area outside the station is a business center with numerous hotels. But the station itself is filled with shops and restaurants. The Haruka Express, which is operated by JR West, runs throughout the day at regular 30-minute intervals beginning early morning until late at night, so getting quickly from the airport to the city or vice versa is a breeze. The Haruka Express trains are modern, comfortable and fast – reaching up to speeds of 130 km. Each has spacious luggage racks, bathroom facilities, a vending machine, and is accessible for wheelchair users. It also offers free WiFi for all passengers so you can stay in touch during the journey to or from the airport. Getting around Japan can be daunting for first-timers arriving in Japan – the simple solution is the Haruka Express, for direct transfer to Tennoji and Kyoto Station. Reach the heart of the city in as little as 30 minutes, or just over an hour to Kyoto, refreshed and ready for adventure.

How it works

1. When your booking is confirmed, a confirmation email with a QR code voucher will be sent to your email address 2. Please exchange your QR-code voucher into a physical ticket at the ticketing machine (https://rakuten-travelexp.net/green-ticket-machine) at any of the stations listed on the 'Location' section 3. Please bring your non-Japanese passport when you exchange your voucher (one passport can only be used for one person) *If the ticket machine is not working or the passport cannot be scanned, please go to the green window of the designated station to redeem the physical ticket

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