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Try on a Kimono, enjoy the fine craft of the tea ceremony, or try your hands at using a real sword akin to a samurai! Experience some of the country’s unique culture at HiSUi Tokyo!


  • Sado (Tea Ceremony) Experience
  • Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy) Experience
  • Waso (Kimono) Experience
  • Batto (Sword) Experience

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Important Information

Itinerary for those who experience all 4 art forms: - Enter the dojo and take part in the shodo experience. - After changing into kimono, move to the tea room and begin the sado experience. - Return to the dojo, where the batto experience will start. - When leaving, you will be presented with the scroll which you wrote your name on during the shodo experience. - The experience day will take between 2 and 2.5 hours.


HiSUi Tokyo offers a variety of authentic cultural experiences for foreigners visiting Japan. Our aim is to make the Japanese culture easily accessible for travelers and contribute to the valuable memories that they will have from the trip to Japan. Our program consists of 4 different cultural activities. You can book one, several, or all four together. 1. Sado (Tea Ceremony) Experience After enter the tea room through the Nijiriguchi entrance, guests will receive a lecture on the tea room and the correct manners for enjoying sweets and matcha (green) tea. This is followed by the tea ceremony itself. The highlight of Sado! The Nijiriguchi is a small, square entrance to the tea room used to separate the realm of tea from the everyday outside world. By entering through this, you can experience Japanese culture firsthand. The instructors will explain why the Nijiriguchi is such a tiny entrance. All our sado instructors are certified specialists. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 2. Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy) Experience Guests will receive an explanation of the writing tools, and the correct manner in which to sit, and hold the brush. After warming up, one can practice the different brush strokes and flicks used in the art followed by writing their own name (in kanji). The highlight of Shodo! Guests will then have the opportunity to write their name on a small scroll and seal with a rakkan stamp. After creating your own piece of art, you can then take it back home as a unique souvenir. 3. Waso (Kimono) Experience The HiSUi Waso instructors will dress guests in kimono (Men will be provided with a haori), followed by a photo shoot. Guests can take part in other art forms while wearing kimono. The highlight of Waso! By wearing Kimono while taking part in batto or sado experiences, our guests can have a truly authentic experience of the Japanese culture. 4. Batto (Sword) Experience The HiSUi Tokyo instructor will demonstrate the art of shizan (trial cutting). For guests who wish to do so, there will then be the opportunity to try it for themselves in practice. The highlight of Batto! This stunning experience that allows you to actually cut with the real sword is somewhat of a rarity, even for those living in Japan. You can make a booking from 10AM to 5PM on weekdays (except Wednesdays). If your preferred date is on a weekend, please let us know. We will try to arrange the schedule depending on our availability. Please book at least 2 days before the day you would like to have the experiences.

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